Known Issues - New World

Greetings Adventurers!

As we go live, there going to be issues that pop up while we are actively developing and breaking things within New World. These are some of the Known Issues that we are currently aware of and actively working on resolving.

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If we have any workarounds for a known issue, it will be posted here!

  • Unrecoverable Error “No Product Information Found” may be encountered on game start
  • Loot bag preview takes several seconds to appear
  • Player can sometime lose their face after teleporting
  • Teleport Shrines are not discovered when Players enter their discovery prism
  • Players are noticing texture swapping on armor when crafting and gathering
  • If a player exits and re-enters expedition doors will appear closed in The Depths.
  • Wacky audio volumes intermittently happening
  • Teleporting causes Twitch Tags to stop working
  • Patches of terrain abruptly render mid/long-distance shadows for players
  • Azoth Tree area lights flickering
  • Hotkeys take user out of the Company Message of the Day
  • Weight of items in inventory can be lowered by equipping and unequipping certain items
  • If a player enters a dueling mode while mid-cast, they will be partially stuck in fishing mode with bobber permanently on screen and soft lock of most controls
  • Enemies are revived if hit in Death’s Door while Defy Death is not in cooldown
  • The Heartgem disappears if player resets quest after Ritual Animation
  • Some named drop rings have both Crit chance and a damage type on them
  • Armor can sometimes have more than one skill related perk
  • Some crafting bonuses are not providing the minimum intended values
  • Overflow Items in Storage Can Transfer to Different Territory
  • Player can fail to connect to existing character when reconnecting before quiescence
  • Change skin preview does not update if a skin is equipped
  • Player cannot place sell order if they are recently encumbered or unencumbered
  • Player’s title does not persist through a build push
  • Isabella/Tiger arena doors appear closed and are missing collision if players backtrack to previous objectives in Dynasty Shipyards
  • The game screen blacks out during Darkness events in rainy areas
  • Patches of terrain abruptly render mid/long-distance shadows for players
  • Captain Thorpe’s vocal dialogue does not match what the captioning says in First Time User Experience
  • “Teleport Pending” text seen on loading screen after leaving First Time User Experience
  • Camps T1-T5 do not conform to terrain when placed on slopes.
  • Cave lighting does not consistently update following a teleport/respawn.
  • Players cannot use Leave Expedition button in Game Menu.
  • Players can encounter an issue where the ‘interact’ keybind no longer functions
  • When you follow the account link flow to connect your Steam and Amazon accounts to receive earned Twitch drops online some players get kicked back and stuck in perceived loop on step 2 although their account are linked and drops are earnable in game.
  • Twitch Drop redemption can have a delay of up to 12 hours from claim to redeemable in game.
  • Players may see a different world listed in their bio than the one they’re actually on
  • Achievement panel may be “uninitialized”
  • Players may be able to run while encumbered
  • Players may have trouble declaring war due to an invasion being imminent even if it’s not appearing as so. If this is the case, you may lose influence.
  • Abandoning Event notification still persists
  • Territory World Clocks may jump forward, causing certain servers to need rollbacks
  • Towns may not display the right level for crafting stations
  • Taxes are not being applied properly to your first house
  • Fishing hotspots are not registering when being utilized
  • Some players may have trouble adding friends after transfering servers
  • To Be a Grandmaster quest shows a level 100 completion requirement when you actually need to hit 101 to receive credit
  • Some legendary crafting items are not appearing in game
  • Living Crystal - Living Dryad Boss can sometimes not spawn properly
  • Trading Post does not return money for sell orders when offline
  • Housing Compensation text is a script
  • Players are able to post images in chat

All things combat

  • ‘Defensive Training’ buff can be pushed into lasting on the player
  • Movespeed past 1.0 can be permanently reached Using Gravity Well and combinations of other slows
  • Double jump with forward leap then a vertical leap
  • Ice Gauntlet Ice Spikes VFX Do Not Appear to Despawn Smoothly
  • Ice Spikes ability from the Ice Gauntlet Weapon Mastery is not fully rendered
  • Players respawn dead after crashing or asserting during combat in expeditions
  • Nameplates sometimes display incorrect colors when multiple duels are taking place near each other
  • Ice Pylon’s ground effect will display on top of players
  • Player does not take damage from the Shipyard Trainee
  • Runes of Helios Fire Staff ability AOE VFX does not align to ground
  • Arrow Sometimes Misaligns Briefly when Strafe Jumping while Aiming Down Sights
  • Gravity Well ability ends really abruptly
  • All ranged hatchet abilities do not have collision sounds against shields
  • Missing SFX for training Ice Gauntlet Skills and Capstones
  • Spells cast twice when used while migrating
  • Undead Pistoleers can block while stunned or knocked down
  • Equipping ice gauntlet may cause an arm to disappear

All things crafting, gathering, and items

  • Heavy Dungeon5T4 armors invisible when worn
  • Dynasty Corrupted Plate chests lose all texture in dye menu
  • 3D asset for Desecrated Tower Shields do not match 2D item image
  • Consumable Weapon Coatings are not consumed when used
  • Client Crash when viewing a crafting station with a pulsing Quest item present in the list
  • Flawless Grandmaster’s Spear with generic geo
  • Crafting station unavailable for player to use
  • Players aren’t receiving gold when salvaging dropped Armor and Jewelry
  • Tier 1 Azoth Staff wrong model/missing textures
  • Players in beta report T2 and T3 faction weapons being worse than what is dropped at the same gear score
  • Living Vines set can not be dyed
  • Medium LeatherT3 set contains multiple dye channels with no function
  • MediumLegs_ArenaAngryEarth1T5 - tint dye slot has no function
  • Some InvasionT5 Weapon Materials & icons are incorrec
  • HeavyHead_PlateDropT3 - primary dye slot has no function
  • Sometimes adding and removing dye from a shield causes two shields to appear on the player’s back
  • Recipes for all tiers of mana, regeneration, and focus potions create the common version of the potion
  • Frilled Gloves has dye channels that do not function
  • Players are confused about the probability of getting a gem slot on weapons
  • Desecrated Kite and Round Shields (T5) - non-functional dye channels
  • Opening the MTX dye menu causes the player character’s equipped shield to render improperly
  • Breach Closer’s Kite/Round Shield have dye channels that do not function
  • The Sateen Dress armor set contains dye channels with no function
  • T5 Feminine leg armor is visually inconsistent across item sources
  • Item icon present over craft button after crafting or refining
  • Formal Shoes contains dye channels which do not function
  • Obelisk Guard Round Shield T3 contains dye channels with no function
  • “Sacred Demise” Warhammer has a GS range of 1000-1225 at Forge Station
  • Crafted Obelisk Guard Round Shield T3 contains dye channels with no function
  • Secondary dye channel does not function for some shields
  • Accent dye does not function for some shields
  • Deepwatcher Round Shield T4 contains dye channels with no function
  • DynastyEliteT5 weapon set incorrectly labeled as “Desecrated” set in Player Inventory
  • Placeholder Orichalcum Kite Shield visible with Crystalline Kite Shield equipped
  • Named weapon is titled “Named Dryads Bow of the Dryad and Dryad”
  • Gear Score for the Keen Temper Tier IV Sword is too low
  • Prim Shoes contains dye channels which do not function
  • Court Fascinator contains dye channels which do not function
  • Cloth Corset Dress contains dye channels that overlap and do not function
  • Shipyard Sentinel Tower/Round Shield have dye channels that do not function
  • Heavy Champion Defender Breastplate T5 contains secondary dye channel with no function
  • T2 Cloth Corset Dress contains dye channels that do not function
  • All Heavy Faction Gauntlets T4 contains a dye channel with no function
  • Garden Keeper shields have no functioning dye channels
  • Cloth Reinforced Dress contains dye channels which do not function
  • The Silk Dress armor set contains dye channels which do not function
  • Obelisk Guard shields have no functioning dye channels
  • The Waterlogged T5 Round and Kite shield has Dye channels with no function
  • Recipes for Quests don’t show VFX indicator on the recipe list
  • Frilled Leggings contains dye channels that do not function
  • Embossed Shoes contains dye channels which do not function
  • Item becomes ungatherable after stopping gathering half-way
  • Tint dye channel does not function for some shields
  • Deepwatcher Kite Shield T4 contains dye channels with no function
  • Crafted Deepwatcher Kite Shield T4 contains dye channels with no function
  • Placeholder Images present in the tooltips for Weapon Abilities
  • Some shields feature dye channels with little to no function
  • Yeti Fur Recurve Bow has Debug Strings for Name and Description
  • Player unable to craft anything at Crafting Stations or Campfire
  • Silver Dye icon preview is green in some menus and is misnamed
  • Various level unlock recipe has a whitebox in the crafting stations
  • Crystalline Curse Ice Gauntlet Has Blank Icon
  • Harvesting animation lacks frames between standing up and squatting
  • VFX sometimes appearing incorrectly after harvesting bush in First Light
  • No sheathing or unsheathing SFX for 1hSwordT2_FTUE while the player has no shield equipped.
  • Sprigganbane Boots contains dye channels with almost no function
  • Certain T4 Starmetal items do not have the expected Starmetal VFX
  • Waterlogged Fire Staff Icon and Weapon Appearance are inconsistent
  • Primeval Cloth Shirt T3 displays stretching when equipped on the female character
  • Player’s legs clip through the cloth of Silk Dress
  • Player’s hips are able to clip through the cloth of Linen Dress
  • Player’s lower body clips through the cloth of Cloth Gothic Dress
  • A Light Boulder Debris may be spawned randomly after mining a boulder
  • The sound of item being crafted sometimes does not play
  • Firstlight Faction bonus tooltip is unclear
  • Compare tooltip only accounts for the changed damage from weapon’s attributes when the weapon is in mainhand slot 1
  • Longsword Tempest of Torment appears/functions as an axe
  • Mismatched 2D and 3D art for 1hTowerShieldLostEliteT4
  • Waterlogged Life Staff T5 has Icon that is inconsistent with appearance
  • Interactable Young Tree is missing its model near the second barrel defense puzzle in Dynasty Shipyard
  • Sometimes the Item Pickup Effect plays without picking anything up
  • Recently used dyes are not previewed on armor in dye menu
  • Beekeeper set top clips into the player
  • Repeatedly unsheathing Ice Gauntlets while standing still has no SFX
  • Player’s lower body clips through the cloth of Cloth Corset Dress
  • The Medium Sprigganbane Leather Coat T5 is unnaturally stretching during various animations.
  • Pants clip Robe on Silk Sage Robe set
  • Player’s waist clips through the cloth of Infused Silk Dress

All things quests and missions

  • Sandris Cotheran VO cuts out early in Great Expectations proposal text
  • Quest name in objectives HUD turns black and is difficult to read during the third part of a starter beach quest
  • The Survivalist Quest Baring Teeth is too difficult
  • Player cannot accept Assessing the Enemy quest from Magistrate Balian in Everfall
  • Watcher Douglas’ VO cuts unexpectedly
  • Tosch the Tamer’s chest piece clips through his torso and upper arms when animating
  • Journal does not open to the newest page acquired by the player
  • Heloise Saville NPC has an Azoth Tree icon above their head
  • For the quest Adiana’s Fountain, Corrupted Tendrils are very hard to kill at scale
  • Watcher Nora Linch’s VO cuts off during “09_getoffbeach” dialogue
  • Green Quest Markers seem to Disappear and Reappear Inconsistently
  • Obtained faction missions may not be shown on the board
  • PVP missions Abandon on death instead of being reset
  • The VO abruptly cuts out for Barkeep Polly in the quest “With a Little Luck” and doesn’t play again after this quest
  • The quest The Tempest’s Heart has an error in its proposal text
  • Watcher Recommended Level is lower than Thorpe’s
  • Reseting Allies for the New Order next to Emile can cause the player to stop quest progression
  • The Secret Asset used for PvP Faction Missions are not removed from the Inventory in the second part of the mission
  • The Altar IO animation has no progress bar and is unclear
  • The Azoth Staff does not align correctly during the Forge The Staff animation
  • Players are unable to turn in the quest “One Who Tolled the Bells” during wars and invasions
  • The objective updates, but the text remains the same when the player plants explosives on Isabella’s Fleet during the quest “Sabotuer”
  • Adiana’s MSQ lines cut out submitting the quest Race for the Box
  • Magistrate Urbanus Bixford’s dialogue does not match text for 1205_0302_indigestion
  • Bandaging animation on Rima and Adiana does not loop
  • The Survival Tips map complete pin does not match the actual NPC location
  • Dr Theo in Edengrove T-Poses momentarily when the player interacts with him
  • Ixia will T-Pose when the player accepts the quest "Rare Spices.
  • There is an Available quest marker above the Overseer when there is no available quest
  • VO for the quest Keeping it Simple is not playing correctly during its proposal state
  • Enemies will disappear when the player who initially enters the fighting pit dies in Cutlass Keys
  • VO cuts out in acceptance dailogue for Ixia’s Orders
  • Gladis Bond VO cut off at the last sentence when turning in the Nyhart’s Anchorage quest
  • Quest marker for Warp and Weft is not accurate for NPC location on pick-up and turn-in stages
  • There is a mismatch in two fishing quests’ descriptions, VOs and dialogue texts
  • VO does not match dialogue in completing quest Alchemy and Piracy
  • Ixia does not have full VO in Ixia’s Blessing quest
  • Syndicate advancement: Scrivener has no location on the map mid-quest
  • Quest Item has low droprate in Making Sparks
  • Root cause issue with options saving that causes extra saves to happen on client startup


  • Stairs in The Depths expedition are missing collision
  • The Player can get stuck between Chardis and the arena in the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition
  • Cilla and the players do not gain Affiliation when the fight begins
  • Lasers beams in the Shattered Obelisk dungeon sometimes become invisible for the Players
  • Doors within expeditions do not appear open to players joining an expedition in progress, potentially blocking their progression
  • Arcane Barrier Shrine in laser room aka Forbidden Passage has no LOD from common viewing distance in Starstone Barrows
  • Many places with extended collision in this area in Starstone Barrows
  • Combat audio cuts in and out inconsistently during combat encounter in Amrine Excavation
  • Cilla’s 2nd hit in her slash combo deals too much damage
  • MX_Stinger_1,2,3 Seem to be not transitioning to the next track in the Amrine Excavation.
  • Open World Music Plays inside The Depths
  • Lasers do not fully kill players and cause players to be killed when picked up in Starstone Barrows
  • Simon Grey’s vomit attack can damage players outside the arena in Amrine Excavation
  • Missing Boss Battle Music for Simon Grey of Amrine Excavation
  • Missing Laser Turrets at Greundgul’s Arena in Starstone Barrows
  • Isabella does not lip-sync her dialogue during the boss intro in Dynasty Shipyards
  • Energy Portal VFX popping in The Depths
  • Huge Client Latency / Packetloss during The Lazarus Instrumentality expedition
  • Thorpes door appears with no collision before fight and again after fight with no collision in The Depths
  • Players Are Able to Safely Defeat Commander Thorpe From Outside His Arena Using a Fire Staff
  • Isabella/Tiger arena doors appear closed and are missing collision if players backtrack to previous objectives in Dynasty Shipyards
  • Boss music does not play after death in Dynasty Shipyard
  • Lighting flickers/flashes sporadically throughout Reekwater dungeon.
  • Aura LOD on Greundul’s bone summoners sometimes does not appear
  • Inconsistent outlines appear in Garden of Genesis Entrance graphic
  • Inconsistent VFX created by mist above Lazarus entrance portal
  • Battle music plays while Cilla is dormant in Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition
  • Leaving Visual range of Barrels in the Dynasty Shipyards results in them reverting to placement model
  • Azoth Seal in Vestibule appears dormant to entering players
  • Hitching occurs during Greenskeepers wipe move in Garden of Genesis
  • Missing Collision on pile of tapered logs in The Depths
  • Arcane Orb used during Chardis fight has noticeable low poly LOD for orb
  • No collision on rubble in area in Starstone Barrows
  • Missing collision in rubble at Starstone Barrows
  • Enemies clip to the barrels during the defense missions in Dynasty Shipyards
  • Ancient Artifact - Seal may move to a wrong position after being opened in The Depths
  • Respawn Crystal Locked/Unlocked appearances are inconsistent in each expedition
  • Battle music sometimes cuts off abruptly after defeating Cilla in Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition
  • Placed powder kegs visually reverse back to blueprints after leaving their aoi in Dynasty Shipyards
  • Missing Proximity requirement to join and teleport into Expeditions from anywhere in title
  • Player shadows flicker and stutter when traversing through the Starstone Barrows Expedition
  • PVP Exp bonus applies still even when in Amrine Excavation
  • Carapace over the Boss teleporter can be damaged and even killed by enemy AI in The Depths


  • Chat messages are dropped when Cleanspeak is down
  • Master Audio does not change Text To Speech audio
  • Sometimes after a loading screen, chat log has gaps and messages are shown outside of normal chat display area
  • Area chat messages from the last 15 minutes are shown all at once to players entering the area

Companies, Factions, Groups (oh my!)

  • Beta players are reporting being removed from a company after server down time
  • Players cannot use faction boards at the level mentioned by the faction representative
  • Unnaturally wide spacing displayed on Group HUD Nameplates upon initially joining
  • Faction Rank Up quests do not match the level of the trial quests in the journal descriptions
  • Clicking “Claims” column in All Companies tab does not sort list
  • Player cannot change the casing of their Company name


  • Large CPU increase in scale tests when Darkness is fully active
  • Attempting to press E while another player is interacting with a gatherable, mineable, tree, or something that requires you to use an azoth staff can cause auto run to stop functioning


  • The players heavy attack is able to damage invasion AI through the gates
  • Invasion AI seem to fight themselves outside the front gate
  • Player to Player Trading and Trading Post
  • There is no way to filter for specific attributes on items in trading post
  • When at the ‘My Sellable Items’ tab, all items of the same name are brought in, not just items that meet the requirements
  • Transactions can fail across hub borders
  • There are several craft mods that aren’t being displayed in the Trading Post

Outpost Rush

  • Sometimes friendly Summons in Outpost Rush display a red nameplate.
  • Crack decal with z-order issue, Outpost Rush.
  • LOD Moss texture pops in as the player changes camera angle in OutpostRush.
  • Darkness Portal in Outpost Rush constantly displays breaking VFX


  • Players can intiate a duel during war
  • Rally Points and Claim might not be present during War
  • Players cannot access the War Board to sign up for a war in a settlement
  • Players can be trapped in the waterfalls East of the Windsward Fort when the War/Invasion barrier is active
  • Player is unable to use the armory or go through the camp gate after spawning in war
  • Burning Oil Vat ground splash VFX may play on top of the Player’s character head when standing under it
  • Fire from partially destroyed turrets disappears when coming in close range with them
  • Player’s character is shooting from a bow while attempting to place Siege Weapons during War
  • Sometimes rally point’s flag has a red ‘Replace me’ texture when the server is restarted before the War begins
  • User interface will not show you an invasion on the world map (game events panel & territory status) on day 3 even though one is scheduled. When you reach day 4, it appears. On top of that, territory influence will be lost after the invasion is complete.
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