Known Issues - Patch 1.8

Greetings Adventurers!

There’s going to be issues that pop up while we are actively developing and breaking things within New World. These are some of the Known Issues that we are currently aware of and actively working on resolving. This list is not all-encompassing of all known issues.

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If we have any workarounds for a known issue, it will be posted here!

  • Some items cannot be dyed.
  • Some NPC dialogue (in all languages) is cut off abruptly.
  • Unrecoverable Error “No Product Information Found” may be encountered on game start
  • Player can sometime lose their face after teleporting
  • Azoth Tree area lights flickering
  • Using Potion with Ice gauntlet equipped and attacking causes player body to flicker and model corruption after weapon swap
  • Arena objective disappears from player HUD after reaching 2nd stage of Siren Boss in Reekwater.
  • Umlaut are not displayed correctly on names
  • Boss music does not play after death.
  • Siege Supply Generators never pass 300 and do not stop generating resources.
  • When on/next to uneven ground and using Voidblade to attack, causes player to snap afterwards
  • Players sometimes experience stuttering when using Great Axe Whirlwind followed by Maelstrom at high RTT.
  • RTT spike during rolls can sometimes result in unnatural player movement.
  • Swapping Weapons input is lost sometimes.
  • Mortar Charge consumes an extra charge when low on ammo
  • There are no lost in the Genesis of Malevolence for Waste Not, Want Not.
  • Rank UI for level 10 mutators disappear upon force quitting the game
  • Speech to Text does not function consistently when players leave a group.
  • Trades do not work after a Transfer until the player relogs.
  • Desync when running and rooted
  • Brimstone gatherables do not give hidden stash bags.
  • Blocking at the right frame during an attack animation allows player to do damage without the full animation at high RTT
  • Certain skills are not dealing damage to the vines in Find the Soulwarden quest.
  • Drawing back the bow at full power takes the player out of aiming after firing.
  • Draw order for map icons should have completed quest markers (green) appear over other quest markers
  • Sometimes when players hold down shift to discard equipable items, they will equip it instead of discarding it.
  • “Max Homes Owned” message given when trying to buy third house.
  • Green faction quest markers move back over quest POI after OPR
  • AIs animation turn towards player’s last location upon aggroing the first time.
  • Spell casts shouldn’t cause durability loss on everything they hit. Should only lose durability on cast.
  • Sarcophagus collision is not working in a specifc location
  • Heavy decal flickering in Brimstone sands on inverted pyramid
  • Demetrius Biton is missing recorded VO in all languages but English.
  • Quest - Some strings in Helvan encounter display unlocalized.
  • Night/Day special bosses of Heliopolis have low quality texture issues
  • Swamp Beast buff is not cleansed by any of the arena totems.
  • Invasion is cancelled after server restart if it is within the 48-72 hour Darkness Window.
  • During The Ancient Glyphs, if the players use the “Translate Ancient Glyph” interact before “Study Ancient Glyph” interact, the interactable disappears.
  • Assets don’t render when marked for Mesh Merge and Video Settings are set to Low. This causes some assets to be invisible in settlements, like book shelves and some stairs in player owned homes.