Known issues ppl hate

so ive kinda noticed a few things that honestly just need to change to keep the game going.

  1. the map is kinda bad so hear me out, imagine 3 tiers of the map the very center of the map would be like a crater where high tier mats like orichalcum, wirefiber and esc. from that point 3 settlements should come off of the crater probably the beginner areas like everfall windsward and monarchs. then spread evenly past those would be the 26-35 areas and past those or next too would be harder lvled areas.

  2. the pvp stuff now that i layed out the map ish there would be pvp in the center and be a circle around the map that would be for pvp. in the outside pvp area would be for taking outposts for extra rewards for like extra dps per settlement owned or lowered fees per settlement owned so on and so forth.

  3. the market tho needs a major change. the market either needs to be cross servers either cross server sets. the few for the market honestly needs to be a flat fee and since it would be cross servers.

ive heard alot of complaints about these issues and honestly my idea would def work to fix all of them. hope these ideas can be used

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