Known issues update plz

@Luxendra @NW_Mugsy
There was a known issues for launch:

Could you please update this list. People are reporting the same issues over and over again so the forums just becomes a hot mess.

Maybe these things will be in the list Mugsy is working on? When can we expect this list? That list is a good first step. It’s a little bit worrying that the War dec bug have been know for weeks now wo any update. What kinda timelines should we expect on these issues?

Here is a workaround thread that should be updated aswell imo:

Also do you have presence on Discord? Feels like we need a better dialogue.
Alot of people on this New world discord: Discord


Hi Foxmegan,

Thanks for reaching out. I will do my best to answer these in order.

We update the Known Issues list when new issues have been confirmed by the team or have been completely resolved. I believe the war declaration bug you mentioned has been on the Known Issues list since the 11th but I unfortunately do not have any updates to provide at this time.

To ensure that we list workarounds that have been properly confirmed as resolutions (temporary or otherwise), we do not update the Workarounds page without verification from the team.

We are actively working on the Top 20 issues list and hope to present that information as soon as possible.

At this time, we are present on the Amazon Games Discord server on a daily basis.

Hope that helps!


So many issues you have to keep a top 20 list. WoW


thx for the response. hopefully we can get a prio list with expected timelines soon. wishing the team good luck!

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I wonder what sort of employment you have being so flawless.

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You, or a member of the team, will be present on the forums with updates on a daily basis as well. Not everyone has an interest in Discord.

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So, the bugs we submit don’t count until they’re reproduced by the team, or completely resolved. That is a fair statement as to why we haven’t seen any updates on the KI list. Is the team on vacation?

Workarounds. Not fixes, or updates that they’re working on. Workarounds. Totally reassuring. Except it sounds like that it’s been months (since that list includes dozens of items from Beta), and the team has NO idea what is causing the issues.

Top 20 only? What about the bottom 100? Or the middle 50? Those can wait for the new year, I’m guessing.


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  • T5 Azoth Staff does not function properly when attempting to close portals

Absolute most important thing on the list along with house taxes and the invulnerability cheating.

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he is right please update the know issue list after you release the game people found a million bugs/glitches/exploits …
you updated 26 days ago know issue list @Luxendra

If I can make a couple of suggestions.

Having the thread names “known issues for launch” implies this is only those known at launch rather than currently. It may be clearer to have it renamed “current known issues” or similar. The beta & previous threads all got wiped, so we can’t see them even if we posted in them, so there’s no risk of confusion that it’s related to the live/launch version.

Secondly, version control. If/when the thread(s) get updated, having a line at the top or bottom “last updated 18-Oct-2021 version 1.0.2” would let everyone know that it has indeed been recently updated, how long ago that was, and what patch/build was active at that point. It would also be cool to have a “summary” of the last update, a separate section with a list of things added or removed with the last change (or, say, within the past week, if updates are piecemeal and frequent): the list is rather hefty, and it’s hard to spot one thing added/removed within that list. But that may be a little too micro-managey, so just the dating or versioning would still be a massive help.

Also, and this may be more contentious, but what about a “recently reported” thread? That way you can compile a list of bugs/issues that have been reported and escalated to the team with current status (seeking more examples or details, awaiting verification, etc.), so people know which ones have been reported already or need additional posts. Yes, search function, but as you see many don’t use it, or people’s variable language-comfort levels hinders an existing post being found as easily. It would hopefully reduce the number of duplicate report posts, and maybe increase the number of helpful posts where you genuinely want more info or examples of something.

KNOWN ISSUES: New World is in a TERRIBLE State - YouTube

My character is virtual unplayable because you all still haven’t fixed this faction cap issue. How am I supposed to proceed if I’m stuck with a capped amount of coins not reflecting my rank? Fix the unplayable bugs before worrying about if “my dog sometimes pops back into my inventory”.

On the Discord channel register page. Sorry i’m not given out my phone number.
You guys already have my email.

I would say one issue that bothers me… Is that when your in a group all faction and town board quests should be synced… I mean it’s slightly annoying to plan your loop for quests… and you go to one spot for one person and another for yours … I am mean 3 people with a possible 18 -24 spots… I mean it’s a inconvenience… Not game breaking. But did take up more time then needed and can defenitley improve from a quality of life standpoint

Update Known Issues Please @Luxendra

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