Known Schematics Issue

As mentioned is this Post

It would be nice to have already learnd schematics, recipes etc. marked as “allready learned”

Could we have a Feedback on this ?


This is just one of many examples of basic features of every other MMO with a crafting system that is missing in NW.

Yes I too have fallen into this trap and also some of my friends, I think at the very least if you hover over the item before you scrap it, it should say “You already know this Recipe”. To 1 up this, I think if you’ve already learnt the schematic it should no longer allow you to scrap it saving you time and money having to check at a station as stated above. :point_up:

This is really imporant… Its a horrible experience, when you salvage a schematic and you dont get the “you learned…” message.
As a new player you dont even realize, that you did a very bad thing xD

We have still no aknowledgment, that this is indeed known by AGS and that they are working on a fix…

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