Krocylea still under maintenance 12h post-maint

Looks like maybe the US East power failure came at a particularly bad time for us, I’m guessing? It’s 2pm and we remain under maintenance. I hope things come back up in 1 piece. High-five to the devs, db teams, SRE and other ops teams having to respond to this before such a big holiday weekend.

Hopefully someone can reach out to us with an update soon. Silly as it is, I am strangely wanting to place my n new dynasty stove in my house.

Pretty cool being the only server ofline.

It probably fragged out and we’ll all have to re-roll on Valhalla.

You would think if it has been down this long and it is the only one left, there would be some response from a community manager saying something, anything, right?

Maybe they just forgot to start it up, who knows.

Looks like they remembered to start it up. It’s up now, finally.

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