Lack of both Positive & Negative reinforcement from the Devs

The expectation that any player base is going in its entirety or its vast majority of players are going to play the game in the spirit of the game, or how it was intended is just not realistic. So just like outside of this game society reinforces the way in which we should do things with either positive or negative reinforcement. This game, does neither.

Players who don’t exploit, dupe or use 3rd party pvp cheats are not rewarded for doing the right thing. This leads to more and more players asking themselves why did I not take advantage of the most recent exploit? Becoming sour about the game, the community and either eventually leaving the game or turning to the dark-side.

Player’s who do either receive no punishment, a slap on the wrist and for the most part end up dramatically ahead of everyone else ruining markets and other players experiences in the game.

Imagine if you went to an ATM and your card could literally withdraw any amount of money without it deducting from your account and when you got found out the bank was like “oh well I guess you cant use your ATM card for 3 days but hey keep all the money you stole, oh the money you gave to your mates, yeah they can keep that too.” Because this is what is happening in this game.

Its time you start rewarding the right kinds of players and punishing the exploit trolls properly. Cull the cheats from the game before the legit players cull themselves to a new game.


[Notice] Disabling Player to Player Trading - September 22nd, 2022 - #3 by Luxendra Hopefully this helps.


It really doesn’t. the damage is done, we need fresh start servers. The damage has been done. People walking around with 200k massive turkey legs still not to mention the rest.

It also doesn’t touch on rewarding the healthy player base.

I don’t need to be rewarded for doing the right thing. I’m just gonna always do it cause it’s the right thing to do.


if you have around 200K it would be removed/disappear soon,

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A fresh start server will change absolutely nothing. It will be nice for about a week until the same problems destroy it.


I’m sorry, but you need some proof if you are going to claim that. Regardless, I think fresh start servers wouldn’t actually change anything with that. There’s always going to be glitches and issues.


I accept your apology. It’s common knowledge at this point and I am not going to name people. The devs can easily see who is sitting on that kind of duped wealth.

I understand that fresh start servers are not going solve all of these problems but at least it will reset the wealth advantages that came from duping.

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The devs have already said they are removing the dupes and are permabanning the exploiters.

I Believe they said they were banning till they resolve the wealth gain, they will all be back and doing it again the second that ban is over. Just delete their accounts.

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