Lack of communication from ASG is not acceptable

ASG want to know why people leave and ratio this game?

The lack of communication on major issues. 20 hours later with NO UPDATE on the trade post which severely impacts the ability to play the game. This lack of communication is unacceptable. We should be getting regular updates and by regular I mean every 2-4 hours.

Honestly, this situation is ridiculous. You are negatively impacting every player for in your own words “small number of players attempted this” - complete and utter BS!


Seriously, still not fixed. You guys are killing this game. What an embarrassment!

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Everything will be okay, sit back and take a deep breath.

“We are working on a fix and it’s our top priority” which has been in replies from the community team on the forums here.

What would repeating that every 2-4 hours change?


wait what? every 2-4 hours???

you realize these are regular people working normal business hours right?

do really need them to get on every few hours to say:

“working on it”
“still working on it”
“we are working on it”
“almost done, working on it”

they have actually been AMAZING with their communication as of late, moreso than 99% of other mmos.

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The patch is coming out at 2am. They’re keeping the TP and p2p trading down for longer to ensure they clean up all instances duplication. I think the communication is fine. Obviously I wish they could be faster, but that’s simply how it is.

It is what they get away with. I am not sure what you do for a living, but if my company had an IT related issue 2 days later if it wasn’t fixed and our answer was “working normal hours” we’d all be fired.

They released a bug because of poor quality control and then impact every player to stop a few people who they supposedly can track and ban. It’s crap communication and customer service.

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