Lack of information and messy forum

As of today at 08.00 there was an update with little information, both on the forum and on Newworld twitter.

The lobby world message leads you to this forum, however the forum looks very messy and hard to navigate. There is also a lack of information on planned downtime, it usally just appears with an hours warning, which is understandable if it’s a hotfix, but this is the 2nd downtime since the new update came out, not even 48 hours after release. (with no info of when the servers are coming back on)

As i am a founding player returning i find that the game itself has become alot smoother and there are alot of new nice changes, which i belive will also bring back alot of other players. However most of the issues that was here on game launch are still the same.

*Lack of information on downtime

  • Long bug fixes
    *Echonomic chaos on the market
    *Daily limit on upgrading expertice from orbs?
    *Long travels, mounts are long over due?
  • Reusing the same ‘skins’ in the shop that were here last year, instead of honoring the players who were here at that point of time and making the old skins rare.

I strongly belive that if things stay as they are, new world will not get the second chance it deserves.

Would love to see some of these fixed, as the game itself is amazing.


Thanks for the feedback! Any official notices will be in our Official News category. We also have a Dev Tracker in case you want to keep track of any replies we send out.

Last night’s notice, with all of the fixes, can be found here: [Downtime] October 19th/20th, 2022

In regards to to the bullet points, I’m not quite understanding the feedback there - are you looking for updates on the economy, expertise system, mounts, and skins?


Hey, i think i’ll explain more in another subject, thank you for taking your time to help and respond to me

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