Lacking world pvp

It would be cool if you guys implemented some sort of personal ranking system like classic wow, which gives you titles and a wpvp rank for getting kills and rep. Maybe some cool cosmetics/skins maybe a nice 550 pvp weapon for high ranks. It would have to be separate from the faction rep like a character rep, and I think this would help incentivize wpvp to grind rank.

Even a bounty system would be cool. Kill 10 people get flagged, and if bounty target dies drops good loot + azoth + coins or something.


this can’t happen, because the pve crowd is going to say “why can’t I have that weapon without PvPing”

But they think you have to spend 100+ hours grinding for end-game gear that are unavailable for players who mainly PvP.

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well PVE’ers can grind way higher gear than 550. So it’s a nice balance. 60 faction wep is 525 which takes literally 1 hour to get.

it doesn’t matter, they want things other people have and want their stuff to be gated behind an insane time / grind gate.

Its wild.

The only way PvP survives is to make a separate server, where you can’t unflag. Everything else will remain the same with same updates, etc.

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Lol yeah obviously pvp servers will never be a thing so it’s just another topic around the idea of incentivized wpvp. Still if anyone opposed this idea because it’s a “pvp reward” they’re obviously just biased and can be ignored since it doesn’t affect them. Plus they have access to better rewards.

the replies you’re getting are why we can’t have nice things… i like the idea of ranking.

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No they can’t be ignored, they are being catered to cuddled by AGS.

This game is slowly turning into a PvE game. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they just get rid of flagging and stick with instanced War, Outpost and small arena style PvP. Their reasoning would be for “balance” issues.

In 2021 “Balance issues” mean that they think a majority of the players will have a problem with it. It has nothing to do with game design and is ideological in nature.

World PvP makes people very uncomfortable. They want things in very organized, predictable fashion, but the worse problem is they have problems with other people trying to enjoy it.

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I agree with you but i’m not trying to start a rant thread

By nature anything on this section is a rant because AGS doesn’t not listen to it.

Its just a pillow you yell into.

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Thank you for responding to this thread.

Isn’t the Criminal Intent system a bounty system?

Why would the developers need to be reminded of this, when it is a mechanic that was scrapped?

Edit: community mod, i’m not trying to be toxic, but when you reply to posts like this and ignore the threads with hundreds of responses for asking about pvp servers, it really is a detriment in people’s trust of you guys.

I’ve read the official memo on PvP servers and I think it isn’t enough. They need to really address this and have conversations with the people about it.

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Increase XP and gold gained from quests and mobs by x% while flagged for PvP.

Increase this yield for underpopulated factions relative to the most populated faction (To encourage diversity).

Kills to other players increases luck, Dying will lose this buff.

the people who don’t like pvp will almost never flag.

At even 1000% XP gain, they will not flag, because other people will be flagged and kill them.

So they’ll turn it off and complain that its not fair the flagged people are getting the 1000% XP gain.

People will flag if they like PvP no matter what. So we need these people concentrated in their own servers.

NW has chosen to be an MMORPG that includes PvE and PvP systems that are separate, yet interconnected. Yes, NW could have been a PvP game, and that would probably solve many problems. But, that is not the choice they made. Therefore, they should reward PvP, and reward PvE. But, for the love of all that it is good, Amazon do not bifurcate the player base via gear or special severs into “PvPers” and “PvEers”. That is the kiss of death in game that cares at all about server cohesion and world immersion. Sure, a flagging mechanic is somewhat artificial feeling, but what is worse is separate progression paths which devolves into two separate games, completely disconnected from each other. You flag because you like PvP, you don’t flag because you don’t like PvP (or at least don’t like it at the moment). There is nothing at all wrong with that. Extreme “fixes” are simply unnecessary and will do far more harm than good. Keep a free-flowing option open. MMORPGs are not arena shooters, nor are they instanced dungeon grinders, no matter what the preferences of some extremely vocal players are.

People who don’t like PvP will almost never roll on a PvP server.
The incentives may outweigh the hesitancy involved with PvP that may get people who don’t usually engage in the activity to form parties to fulfil objectives.

Then thats their choice to miss out, isn’t it? That’s the whole premise of risk vs reward. The incentive of higher rewards through the risk of being killed.

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