LAG DETECTED about 8 hrs!

Yo ! I play on Zerzura server. Yesterday at 10 pm I started playing. After 5 hours of playing, an error appeared like LAG DETECTED. Every 10 seconds I stand in lags after it passes for 5 seconds and again I stand in lags for 10 seconds. It’s been 8 hours, nothing has changed

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Hi @razdv4 Welcome to the Forum,

To solve Lag issues you can follow this troubleshooting steps: Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues - Support | Amazon Games.

Let me know if this solve the issue.

It doens’t help. :frowning:

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First 5 hrs i played without any problems. On other servers havent this problem lol

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Hi @razdv4,

Thanks for the update @razdv4, I will escalate this issue to the Dev team for further investigation.

If any new information is provided and will keep you posted.


I had the exact problem, and finally got it working right.
I flushed my dns and then hard reset my modem and it got fixed.
You go open cmd in start menu (open as administrator) then type:
ipconfig /flushdns
Type that and press enter and a message should pop up confirming the flush. Then turn off your pc and hard reset your modem. That’s the order I did it in.
I hope it works it was very frustrating playing like that, Cheers!


Hi @brujeria, thanks for the troubleshooting,

@razdv4 can you let me know if that worked for you?

It passed by itself, dkn how :smiley:

This actually worked for me, so thanks a lot! I had the exact same issue as the OP all yesterday and when i booted up the game today. Doing what you suggested worked and I can finally play the game again. Thanks a lot!

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