Lag detected after exactly 2 minutes of play (repeatable)

since 1.0.1 I can play exactly 2 minutes.

When I press the play button in the main menu it is possible to see the message: CalendarConnectedMsg

exactly 2 minutes after the world is loaded (and I can play) the following message appears:
lag detected
Not authorized to continue playing

Then I am back in the main menu. I press the play button and then the message:
Connection registration did not arrive in time: DistributionManagerConntectedMsg

I close the game und start it again.
Then I am back on point one or two as above described. I can repeat it as often as I like.

PS: The population of the game world does not matter. Also the amount of players or PVE does not matter)

PPS: I had no problems with version 1.0.0

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