Lag Detected Again

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Another crash after just 15-20 min gameplay. It’s never been this bad and it started all of sudden over today.

Name: Ayline
Server: Fae
Issue: Forced into queue despite being in the game due to “Lag Detected”
This is the 3rd time today, y-day I had it once, two days before that same thing. At least implement a grace period of 10 minutes, compensation for this issue should be adressed.


I just had the same thing happening to me…my internet was not an issue, been online since 9am this morning when there no queue, and just now got booted out in mid windsward in the background with the lag detected bs…shortly after…1200 queue…this is freaking ridiculous…“Reconnecting” my ass!

Barri - EU Region…

No I fully get it. It’s like sure the queue thing is an issue. But what’s a bigger issues? Server total cap, 0 grace period, random disconnects, Ingame lag. I don’t mind a queue, but if there’s a queue and I am first I don’t want to get thrown out due to issues that ain’t on my end.

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