(lag detected) Can only play during non peak hours


Played during preview alfa and a little during beta and could easily play for hours without any issue.

Installed the live version this weekend and tried to play, but was instantly meet by “lag detected” and my character freezes, chatt continues to work, i can change weapons, i can see damage showing up on my character, and how other played pop up and disapears.

This issue only happends during peak hours, if i try to play during non peak hours, like early mornings, then the game works fine and i can play for hours.

Ive tried doing ping checks and my connection is stable, i have no issue in other games.
I have also tried changing grafic settings to low, bandwith setting to low etc. but nothing seems to help. I have also tried verifying the game etc.

I have read about others with same swedish isp having issues as well, but since i can play during times when server is not full with 100+ in que. it seems to be more of a server issue then an isp issue.

Exactly the same issue here, guessing Ownit aswell? (telenor)!

Same problem, Telenor here.

yup. telenor. every other game and online function works great, but new world, nope.

i did try to disable ip6 command yesterday and that might have helped a little, so gona try again today and see if it still works.

I also have telenor, so i tried to buy a vpn and connected to the stockholm server and it solved the problem for me.

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