Lag detected, disconnected, can't loggin again

I stop playing this game for almost two weeks and today I said: agh i played some hots ranked games and I won… hmmm what can I do the last 30 min before go sleep… hmmmm… ah yes I can do one dungeon and level some parts from 527 to 529 because maybe one day I will be able to enjoy new world pvp.

Then I was in and I got the lovely message lag detected. Then it disconnected me and every time I tried to reconnect I got error 120.

After 5 minutes suddenly i could loggin again but I was out of the dungeon 8n another map. I lost 1k I paid to the guy and the Azoth to have to tp to the oyher town. But for my surprise it shows me that the faction quests of the dungeon was completed. Then I thought: that’s better than nothing. But when I tried to give the quest it was bugged…

Guys you can not imagine how much I waited for this game to stop playing the toxic game hots and now I see me myself playing it again because NW is impossible to enjoy even if I put all my good intentions and optimism because I feel like it spit in my face like rejecting me even if I want.

Right now the rage I have for just this simply stupidity is incredible, only because I blame myself why I just didn’t went to sleep instead to waste my time and also lose gold in NW.

So again I will wait two weeks and see if after that when I login I have some fun.

By the way… is sad how I notice how the server is so empty. I can not even do one bg.

Hey man sorry this happened to ya, that def sucks. Most people shuffled around after the merges cause we all got a xfer token, you should have one too! I suggest moving to a more populated server for some more fun. Monday the bug patch comes, I really hope they have resolved the lag issue in that but we will find out. Hopefully, when all is said and done, the game will be smooth and playable again :slight_smile:

How can I search the population of the servers or better wait AGS does their merges automatically?

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