Lag Detected every time I access trading post

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    Every time I access the trading post it immediately says lag detected followed by connection error that boots me from the game. I have zero issues with lag any other time and my download speed is 550mbps with FPS of 90.

As you don’t have NPC vendors it makes it highly difficult to play the game when I can’t buy or sell anything.

I’ve gone through check the integrity of game files on steam multiple times and restarting both the router and my computer but nothing helps.

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that didn’t help.

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  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: just accessing the trading post.

i am having alot of problems with the lag detection today i walked in town and ported to another one and took one step and got lag detection and then kicked out 12:45 pm and then back at 1:48 and it hit me again 2:10 pm and then again at 2:32 pm and then again at 2:55 and then again at 3:15 and for the last time it hit me at 3:30 then i finally came here and wrote this . here are two screen shots i got when i tried to log back in on lag detection all the time .
i am in us east Irminsul . lil brat is my name .
so please look in to it i really like the game alot

I tried “Validate Files” in Steam but didn’t solve the issue, it’s def an issue on AWS or an actual bug in the code requiring a fix. happens to me all the time

i have tried everything even the Validate the files in Steam a few times but nothing is helping at all we are not the only ones having this problems there are a few having this issuse . i am still being kicked out every 30 mins and it suxs to be playing every 30 mins i can even finiish a quest or get to know ppl in game . i feel like a rag doll being bounce in and out of game every 30 mins

but thank you for the info and if i happen to find anything work i will let you know .

thanks again :grinning:

Well what seems to have worked for me is uninstalling Windows 11. I realized most of my issues occurred after I installed windows 11. Now that I rolled back seems to have fixed the detect lag

lag detected as usual it’s so cancer everytime i try to open trading post, i already have high latency cause we don’t have SEA servers and i suffer from this too omg

i am have win 10 and i have uninstalled this game and verifyed the files many times and the v-snync is off nothing needs updated … so that pretty much leaves nothing on my end and Amazon is not caring about getting there game back woring right . and it Past the time to get a refund so i have lost the money unless Amazon gets off they arse and fixes this promblem… now since the update i cant even since in or get a refund . this is the worst gaming exp i have had in my veteran mmorpg career .

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