Lag Detected followed by Stuck Character "Time since last response:" until disconnect

3 days of not playing because I’m stuck like my feet are in concrete.

Name: Jacob Silver
Server: Valhalla

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Update from me with Telenor as ISP. That had ‘Lag Detected’ but I was not stuck.

I noticed that I could play nights, when it was 1000 players on the server with no issues at all. When server got around 1500, it was pretty much impossible to play because constant ‘Lag Detected’.
Today they changed something. I did not get kicked out, and did not get many ‘Lag Detected’. BUT my connection to Amazon is shit now. Gone from <30ms to it flickering between 100-200 ms. Can not really see what the mobs are doing when fighting.
Can we go back to what ever was before please ))

Just got hit with this same issue. I recalled back to an inn, couldn’t move, so I fast traveled to a fast travel point. Was fine for about 10 minutes, then got the lag detected error. When I relogged, my character had rolled back to where I was last night, and I’ve been unable to move since.

Name: Ugly and Poor
Server: Midian

<2021-10-05 21:58:17.614>: [Info]: BackupNameAttachment=" Build(1436282) 05 Oct -

Hope this helps!

Decided to log in and check somehow if I got lucky and can move. But instead I am seeing something weird.

My character was made on the Chicomoztoc world.

When I log in and go to Game Menu, the World it says is random.
So far I have gotten:

I am simple quitting to menu, refreshing my character list, and joining back.

Is this unrelated? Can this be replicated on non-bugged characters? I don’t have an alt.
I am so tempted to just keep leaving and joining.

I have seen forum posts of this happening to people unrelated to our bug, but it is very very common in our bug for this to be happening as well.

guess they are only taking server restart requests for problems with dungeons now…

Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about an issue like this :frowning: I can only get server restarts that temporarily fix the expedition issues. But I do know that the lag detected issue is a priority for the team to fix.

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I have also had this happen to me. Logged in yesterday afternoon in Restless Shores. Went to Brightwood, completed some tasks, teleported to Everfall from Brightwood and was stuck. Relogged and I got rolled back to where I was when I first logged in, still stuck.
I’ve tried Unstuck, Inn Recall, Windows Update, Port Forwarding, VPN, and AFK. Forgot to add I also reinstalled game.

US East Minda Server

there’s an “expedition issue” on Euphrates then

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You are aware that there are probably a hundred or more players in this thread that have been unable to play their characters ranging anywhere from a week or less right? And some have been able to play from something as simple as a server restart.

We keep hearing this is a high priority but there have been literally no actions taken to even attempt at understanding the issue. If you requested a server restart for any of our realms and notified us of it happening, we could conclude with at least some degree of certainty that it will or will not be a temporary workaround until you pin point the cause of the issue.


If you could at least give us that potential temporary fix we would be much more content. - Some of us have been waiting over 5 entire days now without almost a word. Please consider a restart for those of us with those difficulties so we can at least see if it’s a possible temp-fix. To be able to play my character again would literally be mind blowing at this point.


Well none of this is giving me hope for playing tonight…

Same, I have been unable to do an “expedition” for a week now, on US East Frislandia.

My expedition is stuck at the INN in Everfall on Central EU: Ishtakar. It’s been almost 6 days of standing in that INN wondering when I could move to fight the boss.

I’m extremely surprised Amazon isn’t doing a weekly server restart just for small downtime purposes, like WoW does.

If possible please request a restart for Chicomoztoc. I am a weak willed loser and will cancel the refund if I can play again. I just need an MMO in my life lol.

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I’m surprised simple solutions they could try are being ignored. Give customer support the ability to kill us or make unstuck a kill switch temp. Anything to give us hope other then we are working on it…

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So you can get a server restart for an issue that causes people not to be able to play 1 part of the game.

BUT NOW ONE THAT HAS CAUSED 200+ people to not be able to play any part of the game? great job Amazon. Killing this game faster than you killed the unions.

But side note I Can’t do any expeditions on Loloi So reset that server because I can’t do expeditions… BECAUSE I CANT FUCKING MOVE FROM TOWN for 4 days.

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YS IS RESTARTING JEFF BEZOS BLESSED ME BOYS, ILL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE. i’ll finally be free brothers, may you be blessed with a restart such as me.

Don’t hold your breath, but we’ll be rootin for ya.

Too late, this will be my reckoning, ill finally ascend from this mortal immovable force.

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