Lag Detected followed by Stuck Character "Time since last response:" until disconnect

I’ve been 3 days without being able to move, I’ve entered now to see if the patch they were talking about had solved something but nothing, I still can’t play.

My character is called: Paella-sama
Region: EU Central
Server: Frisland

My character is called: Mkv
Region: EU Central
Server: Ekera
After entering the game, i can not move and after 3-5 minutes a lag is detected.
VPN or logging in from another internet does not help.

My charcter still frozen(
Server: Annwyn
Name: Alfi

Hey Mate idk if you have tried this
Log in at a time when there is no queue EU usually around early mornings 6am and try to enter the game
Sure there it will how LAG DETECTED but dont press any button so it will disconnect and reconnect…it might happen for 3-4 times and then you might be able to enter…I do the same to play :expressionless: its not a friendly method but since I’m addicted I changed my sleep time cuz of new world

I login at 2am while there is no queue in my server [APSE Region] and the game shows LAG DETECTED and disconnects then it reconnects automatically and again shows the same message, disconnect and reconnect and so on. But after 4-5 disconnects and restarts I can play…

I hope you understand why I mentioned to try when there isn’t any queue…so you no need to wait while it disconnects
Give it a shot and let me know :slight_smile:


Due to this post [Notice] Intermittent server restarts - #6 by TrevzorFTW
I’m afraid there won’t be any maintenance during patch 1.0.1. They just said it will go “live”. There is no information about how long it may take nor anything about “servers unavailability”.

[Downtime] New World Update: 1.0.1 they mentioned here that it would take Approx.4 hrs

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well we’ll find out in half an hour if this is the “great reset” we really want.


No fix for the UI bug where all markers and trackers disappear from the compass after doing an expedition or corruption :confused: Hopefully in the next patch

Screw it, really. - The update will last 4 hours roughly. Good luck everyone. This is it.

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Well i don’t need that character anymore. I created a new one and now my level is 52.

Servers restarts should happen everyday imho under all this problems…

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I hope the problem is solved after maintenance, good luck all :cry:

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Well, patch applied. Now waiting for the maintenance to finish. Good luck yall. We get new sea legs today! :rofl:

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I’m so incredibly anxious. - I am just hoping this works for all of us.


Hope this works for you guys, I deleted my character and made a new one, lost the ability to play with my friends anyway so :woman_shrugging:


I’m exceedingly far behind myself now so I know your struggle. All my initial excitement has completely gone as my friends have flown ahead. I just want to be able to play again and hopefully I’ll regain some of that enjoyment. - Guess we’ll soon see.


I’m not stuck anymore! Got ported away back to hermit shrine after server restart. It was 120 ish hours of being stuck!!!

Patience boys, your time will come. Once a server restarts log in and see. Otherwise wait it out until then.


@SlothsHere even if we will be unstuck after ~150 hours of waiting noone will compensate it, sadly :frowning: