Lag Detected followed by Stuck Character "Time since last response:" until disconnect

Is that what happened to my character, saw a bit of leg and now he’s pondering life at the top of a mountain.

It’s not a bug it’s the new feature “existential crisis”

I hope your right and that’s us, cause I’ve never seen this leg freezing bug

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this been resolved? the same thing just happened to my character

Lmaooo. - Honestly, this is the most hopeful I’ve been. If this update isn’t our cure, I genuinely don’t have a bloody clue anymore. I’m clutching onto a last straw here.

Not even slightly sadly mate. - There is a scheduled maintenance tomorrow though and as we’ve discovered throughout this thread, some individuals with the permanent bug have been “fixed” through the server restarting. - It’s not a permanent fixed though sadly.

Yeh me still stuck atm. Probably won’t even bother trying again tonight until the patch is done.

dang. hopefully that helps.
Do i need to file a ticket or something? i created a thread but idk if thats gonna help anything.

I’d highly suggest reading over all the info at the top of this thread. It’s been edited as the thread extended by Justice, bless him. - If you’re PERMANENTLY bugged then there’s not really a single thing you can do other than be patient and be hopeful and as I said, hopefully this maintenance means we’re free for a while…because the servers will naturally restart.

If you’re periodically lagging here and there, that’s another thing entirely. VPN’s have been relatively successful for the vast majority of users if you haven’t tried that. It’s just important that you distinguish the two differences because this thread became a bit of a muddled mess at times. We’ve tried keeping it understandable though lol.

yeah im stuck permanently. i can attempt a recall to inn but it goes to loading screen and puts me right back where i was, still stuck.
everything was going swimmingly up until tonight with 40 hrs of gameplay.

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thanks for your help

Yup, identical to me and others here then. It’s awful, I’m sorry you’re enduring it too. Fingers crossed this maintenance DOES help all of us, at least as a temporary fix. If not, just keep your eye on this thread, we’re trying our best to provide any form of support whatsoever. It’s tough with below bare minimum contact from the Dev’s/support.

A server restart solved the problem for me, guess the only fix until now.


I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. - Congrats and I am praying.

I just experienced this issue tonight and I’m a bit shocked that so many people have been locked out of playing their characters for days when it seems that server restarts during off hours could at least be a temporary solution.

Guess I’m stuck waiting with the rest of you now. Here’s hoping for server restarts with this upcoming patch or some kind of solution.

Character: Seiren
Server: Takamagahara
US East

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Just posting an update. About 3 hours after I posted my log, character name and server in this thread, my character was fixed and the progress that I lost was restored. No server restart so maybe someone had fixed it. Hoping you all get back in the game soon!


I’m experiencing some MAJOR lag in the Amrine expedition. It’s so bad that I will sometimes have nobody near me and I get knocked down. Sometimes we’ll defeat a mob only to be killed a few second later.

This is our server. Any chance we could get a reset? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some hilarious (and painful) video proof if needed.

Character: RobVirus
Server: Amato Iwato

I would love if someone could fix my character. I have been stuck in place for days now. :^(

Question for everyone here. Has your game ever crashed or have you alt f4’d out of the game, or maybe killed it via task manager?

Just bringing it up, because this issue happened pretty shortly after my game crashing due to not having enough ram, because I had work projects open at the same time taking it all up.

I’m wondering if a crash could be a potential factor that could trigger this issue.

I am also Perma stuck :confused: Help !
Character: RealityShowTV
Server: Slavna
EU Central

Character: SpecQq
Server: Annwyn

My character is also stuck as well.
IGN: 007wizard
Server: El Dorado