Lag Detected followed by Stuck Character "Time since last response:" until disconnect

Well i don’t need that character anymore. I created a new one and now my level is 52.

Servers restarts should happen everyday imho under all this problems…

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I hope the problem is solved after maintenance, good luck all :cry:

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Well, patch applied. Now waiting for the maintenance to finish. Good luck yall. We get new sea legs today! :rofl:

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I’m so incredibly anxious. - I am just hoping this works for all of us.


Hope this works for you guys, I deleted my character and made a new one, lost the ability to play with my friends anyway so :woman_shrugging:


I’m exceedingly far behind myself now so I know your struggle. All my initial excitement has completely gone as my friends have flown ahead. I just want to be able to play again and hopefully I’ll regain some of that enjoyment. - Guess we’ll soon see.


I’m not stuck anymore! Got ported away back to hermit shrine after server restart. It was 120 ish hours of being stuck!!!

Patience boys, your time will come. Once a server restarts log in and see. Otherwise wait it out until then.


@SlothsHere even if we will be unstuck after ~150 hours of waiting noone will compensate it, sadly :frowning:

Congrats! Happy for you. <3

Sadly I don’t believe we’ll get any compensation of any form whatsoever. I never really expected it anyway because we’re such a minor dent in the server population and quite frankly if anything, this thread has proved to me that there is very little care towards us. I’ve said it before, unless we were top content creators or well known individuals, we’re not their priority, sadly.

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ye its sad :confused: cause they could’ve just thrown some of that fantasy currency of theirs towards us, “sorry for inconveniencing you here take this” but I’m afraid we’ll get nothing. Probably we won’t even get a mail concerning the restarts and a possible solution to our problem.

But its just a 27MB download lol :expressionless:

not for me…

its a 27MB download but the patch is 12GB just like difference between installation and download

best patcher ever xDDD , jajajjaj lol patch

My download was 170MB. Not sure why yours is 27MB. :neutral_face:

lol no idea image