Lag Detected followed by Stuck Character "Time since last response:" until disconnect

Maybe your patch is just to move your toes, we will be able to move our legs on the big patch


That would be good cause I could not do that before lol

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  • Update has been postponed an extra hour.

Thread here: Update News Info Link.

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Are we finally free from our frozen prison?

20mins til we find out lol

lol 2 more hours LOL


I think they broke errbody’s legs LOL

they started this so i guess they would also consider our issue too…
what concerns me is that it hasnt been addressed in the patch notes 🥲

Yup another 2 hours. - It sucks BUT if this could potentially help us be free? I’m all for waiting a little longer. Please Developers, please.

Hey, we BEEN waiting, whats another 2 hours LOL im loving it, everyone else raging and im here chillen like a pro

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It’s quite interresting.
They can’t restart servers due to lags and our case, because of “servers must be available”.

On the other hand, they are trying to patch all regions at once, during the day, instead of night xD

It’s going to be 6 hours without logging in to see my player splatted on the floor permadeaded. What am I to do ?


Relax, crack open a beer and watch some youtube tutorials on how to fish on newworld

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My alt has fishing skills, didn’t bother on my main

Wonder if the’ve tried turning it on and off again.

I really hope u guys actually r free when logging back in, the frustration of logging in now and be stuck… again

I’m willing to bet they won’t be fixing the root cause of the problem, which is the LAG DETECTED thing. Sure, perhaps you’ll get unstuck but the next time it happen, you might get stuck again.

If they were fixing it wouldn’t they have added it to the patch notes?

Well with an hour left to go good luck everyone!

If the maintenance does free our characters, we should all come back to this topic and let them know a server restart helped us. Hopefully it will do good in the future for others that experience this shitty bug