Lag Detected followed by Stuck Character "Time since last response:" until disconnect

They will have to fix it one day. Unfortuantelly I know and understand it’s quite difficult one to fix. There is some kind of issue with data write.
Probably it might be connected with memory leaks on server-side (that’s why server’s are slowing down and going laggy after few days)

LUL I slept in a little late today, woke up thinking that surely this is solved by now.
AGS just needs to put us on a little longer of a rollercoaster keeping us on the edge of our god damn seats I guess.

I am no longer bugged, the server restart for maintenance has worked in my case.

Lag detected is still there tho took me 5 minutes.

Not fixed still stuck.

I can also confirm i got unstuck now.
Too sad after nearly a week i started a new character which is now slighlty further then the old one which was stuck.

Basicly lost my friends on the server i choose and lost the character name i choose.
Furthermore i had to repeat a lot of work instead of progessing my character.

Really dissapointed also in terms of communication during the last days.
And i am not sure if the root cause for the issue has been fixed i didnt see something like that in the patch notes

I am free as well. Jesus.

are you able to play?

I am unstuck after 4 days finally

well, for me it shown LAG DETECTED and disconnected and then reconnected and I’m able to play

Hopefully everyone else is fixed


LAG DETECTED is still there though :sleepy:


Yes this is a complete sentence, let me post my excitement.

since saturday ive been outside the storage shed in everfall, after maintenance today i was at the inn, and able to move

hope the patch/restarts helps everyone, gl

Not proud to admit but I may have just burst into tears because I’m now free. The stress hit me that fucking hard. - Congrats to all who is free.


I hope that stuck ppl get to move around a bit. I can play some But lagg detected 2 times in 3 min. Second time its back in que :blush:.
So Will still o my be able to play when server aint full. And with the dc…

Care to clarify? You’re unstuck but still getting lag detected?

So far

12 Fixed
1 Still Stuck

EDIT: IM FREE! Good luck all hopefully we can use this evidence for help in the future

Don’t forget that every time you get LAG DETECTED there might be a chance of getting stuck again.