Lag Detected followed by Stuck Character "Time since last response:" until disconnect

Sounds like your issue is a #2 with those symptoms, but I can’t be sure

My server is under maintenance aswell. This waiting is killing me more than yesterday, because now I have hope…

I am also able to move finally. Sorry for the late response, the forums have been struggling to get me logged in to reply.

I’ll continue monitoring this thread because it really sucks we have people locked up still/again already.


We’re finally free :sob:

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Dont worry bud i did the same. A little upset there was no comp at all but thats ok at least we can play

Glad to hear many are unstuck. Reading this makes me want to just leave work early to grind all those missed hours. Lol

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LAG DETECTED is still happening around every 15 minutes, though… can we get a reply from AMAZON? when is that going to be fixed?


I am unstuck also and the 1.5 hours I was rolled back was given back.

i confirm that i am also able to move now. Finally…

Finally free but after 10 minutes I’ve got lag detected again and disconnect… now instead of watching stuck character, I am watching queue

Just wondering, was there any compensation announced?

I don’t even want compensation. My character was stuck for over 160 hours so of course i eventually made another one… which has now passed my first. I just want to use my fucking name that I had on my main character.

Please AGS allow us to name change to our original names. @Fostus

mine still shows LAG DETECTED and reconnects…but since there isn’t a queue it connects after reconnecting thrice.

free as well,
but after a short time lag detected and disconnect… by reconnecting i got an error message something with gamefiles, checked on steam the game files and 2 were brocken, so i’m reinstalling the files right now…

Edit: everything works smooth after reinstalling the broken files

yeah i’m free too. seems fixed lets hope its actually fixed and not just were free for the next set of people to get stuck over the next 5 days

It’s definitely not fixed, if it were we would have gotten an update. This would be a free win for the forum leaders to get to tell us they fixed the issue.
The server restart merely worked around the problem of people being stuck. It’s going to happen again, pretty low chances of it being most of us in this first wave, but there will likely be just as many people this time next week who are stuck.

Their silence on the specific issue tells us everything.


GRATS to all the FREE ppl !! Happy for you

same here, been having this since the 29th -isch, amazed ive leveled as far as I have, being able to play 5-120 minutes then kicked out and put in a 2 hour (minimum) que aint that fun xD

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6 wasted days. I’m finally free.

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Server: EU Hyperborea
Nickname: yoshimitsu

Every 20 minutes “LAG DETECTED” . I can’t play this game. Every 20 minutes queue…

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