Lag detected in Towns on Morrow

Many people have been reporting (myself included) lag detected in towns on the US East Morrow server. Everyone currently on the server is having problems related to this… Despite usually having a queue of 1000+, there are only 600 people online right now, due to the queueing problems I mention at the end. Some details about the buggy towns:

  • You can’t walk into these towns, a message comes up saying “Region not available, please try again later”.
  • If you fast travel into these towns (Like I did), you spawn into the shrine and immediately get “Lag Detected”. Connection happens for about 3 seconds about every 45 seconds.
  • Using the brief periods of connectivity, I ran outside of the gates of the town, to no avail.
  • No other players OR crafting stations are visible
  • NPCs are visible and interactable, but cannot claim quest rewards, etc.

Anyone else have more info? It seems like the parts of the server managing towns is broken, and others have mentioned the problem spreading to the wilds around towns. Also, the queue won’t let people in, saying that the server is under maintenance. It’s weird having people in-game but new queuing is not allowed.

Anybody seeing this on other servers? In US East or in other regions too?

login server issues + whatever the hell is crashing these servers is making people unable to login and also crash when going to certain regions

the maintenance on the server was unplanned and will prob kick everyone off soon

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