Lag detected non stop!

Still lag detected entire server for 3 days our server is now empty half my company can’t even get on because it instantly kicks with lag detected…

How has this gone 3 days without anything done??? You’re bleeding players and this makes it even worse.


I am constantly getting Lag Detected as well, always in the most critical area of fighting a dungeon boss and when the lag ends, I am teleported across the room usually dropped to my instant death. Makes my twitch stream bad. I am on Orun server

The worst part is, to my knowledge, I haven’t seen any actual response from anyone addressing this as an actual problem or what they are doing to correct it.

This is quite literally game breaking as you can’t really do anything through these consistent lag stalls.

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nope and you wont AGS servers are AGS servers and any game/service on them its the same story

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So any word on these constant lag spikes? I agree we’re kinda being left in the dark here @customersupport @Developer this is across many servers

It’s got to do with the new easy anti cheat. The timing is just so coincidence.

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