Lag in game and bad framerate

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I played that game for 5 days in 1920x1080 with medium performance. After my pc decides to lag with all settings and i couldn t play for 2 days. I got a msi laptop gtx1050 i7 8th gen 8GB with 4 dedicated to invidia. i try really hard to fix that problem but finally i did. I recomand guys to upgrade your ram with a 32 or a 16 minimum because that was the reason. Probably they did something with the game that made my PC crash the game , i don t know. BUT if you got like me 8GB of ram you can t pretend to play this game. The stranger think was i played for 5 days really good and after…BOHH. So if you can t play try those things: 1) close all your apps antivirus discord ALL try to run just NEW WORLD 2) right click on battery , set high performance in windows center and if you got a Gaming mode use it 3) you have to upgrade your ram at minimum 16 (in my case)

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