Lag in Wars is atrocious

Why are wars so fucking laggy? It is crazy that I’m the only moving character on screen. I get heals, sometime, I get damage, from I have no fucking Idea where and have no clue where to look. Every one on my screen is a stick figure. There is way too much AoE going on. Spellcasters should be limited in a war. Ok rant over.
I love this game, it has so much potential, there are too many problems with it still. It should have never been released in this state.
I was an alpha tester and many of the things I reported are still in the released game.
So apparently, the dev team does not listen., or does whatever the populous demands… Good boy, sit.
It’s hard to believe this game had nearly 1 million players at launch, and now, not even 200k…Shameful

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