Lag issues on dry tree

I have just been disconnected on dry tree with lag issues, is anyone else experiencing this?

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On Delos I’m getting it a lot, particularly when trying to run OPR.

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All good on DT

I’ve asked multiple people on dry tree and a good amount is getting lag

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also connection errors and disconnecting - so not all good on DT - this is the second time in 10 minutes

yeah lag again got kicked 10 time fix your dam game i like playing the game but this is getting really bad now

lag detected every few secs

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I’m on Dry Tree and having lag and spikes since patch. Also my average png went up from 90-100 to 130-150. Most notably in PvP situations.

I have a video that I’ll upload and share here when i get home.

Every time I get back in the server, I immediately get disconnected for lag it is unplayable for me at the moment.

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Yeah Lag here too and when you do get in mobs just stand there and dont attack.

Yup, dry tree is getting more fubared by the minute. Its gonna implode soon.

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Yep, me too…

im trying to reconnect to the server and im stuck in 2nd position in queue


I’ve been stuck on 19th spot for a while now, the queue now has 400 in it.

i just saw that and i start filling like the good old days when the lanch droped

:slight_smile: i`m stuck on 1st pos in q

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gone under maintenance

aaaand after some waiting minutes :)) under maintenance!

AGS pls this weekend has been rly sad for most of us. Could you pls fix the azoth issues and other major bugs so we can enjoy and play the game?

@TrevzorFTW @Aenwyn @Shadow_Fox @Luxendra

Its bugged… go to nwdb and check the player queue there.
In game it always says 1-4