Lag lag everywhere

Definitely lagged in OPR


And lost a war due to rubberbanding. Timer said 0 seconds left and we lost the war on defense and we had members get stuck on a 3 min loading screen when dying and spawning in.

AGS go brrrr


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Lol don’t be daft.

Wired connection and plenty powerful enough pc and the lag is everywhere and inconsistent. Has been from day 1.

Perhaps you just don’t notice it?

I have great internet and a computer that can run anything. This is the ONLY game that ever lags.

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For the first month or so there seemed to be only the rarest of moments where lag was noticeable. Even then it was never problematic.

Since 1.2 those occurrences have increased. This not only includes character movement and actions, but also the chat channels. Relogging sometimes fixes the chat issues, but not always. Besides login/out shouldn’t be required for a very basic part of game functionality.

The lag does seem to be random. There are times in both instanced and open world conflict where it will happen. In the same situation with approximately the same number of players and AI involved the lag doesn’t occur.

The occurrences in chat channels seems to be even more chaotic. Early morning, mid-afternoon, early evening, late night it can occur at any time. It also seems to affect only some but not all. That’s the nature of lag though I suppose.

This really does need to be addressed.

Lag is everywhere. I notice the more populated the zone, like SM, the worse the lag is.

The types of character/AI lag were so infrequent for myself that it never occurred that this might be a larger issue. The chat lag didn’t exist at all.

Since 1.2 all of that has changed. Both experiences of lag have become commonplace.

Maybe its ‘microlag’ i’ve been seeing everywhere since launch? people i played with had it too but mostly in combat. not noticed the chat lag though at all.

maybe i’m more sensitive to combat lag than chat lag and i’ve seen no difference in 1.2 :frowning:

No the chat lag is severe when it happens with up to a minute or so wait time to see what you’ve posted to the channel.

Micro lag in other instances may also be occurring. And perhaps that is what I was experiencing before 1.2.

Shortly before 1.2 there were these strange momentary events where it seemed the mob I was fighting would teleport. At the same time it seemed I had done the same.

I just wrote it off as possibly due to just being slow in general. :thinking:

Now multiple players around me are suddenly stopping in place or rubberbanding. At other times it’s me that has stopped completely or is jogging in place or is rubberbanding.

Those are all symptoms of lag that my client is experiencing.

I’m pretty sure it’s not my connection. It’s been reset a couple of times and nothing else online has any trouble.

The rubber banding is weird, not had a lot of that occur.

Maybe your IP starting routing funny maybe?

It’s possible and typically I go looking for issues on my end before considering outside factors.

Lately many players have been complaining about it. This has led to my belief that this is something on the AGS end.

Yeah, my Internet is 600Mbps for download and 300Mbps for uploads. Not the best, but a good one. Still, melee weapons never register on OPR, unless targets are standing still, because of the desynch.


New World 27_12_2021 23_14_36 (2)

I found that rolling back my wireless network driver solved my lag problem. Sometimes it’s just weird things like this that can ruin your connection so a lot of troubleshooting is in order.

It is without a doubt New Worlds garbage code and servers, anybody who wants to argue against that is the exception to the rule atm.

I can go play ANY OTHER MMO and have zero issues with latency and input… play this game for 20min and you rubber band like you are playing Quake 1 on a 14.4 modem.

I have a feeling it leans more on the crap code, and the issues with lots of things being player side instead of server side. Overall we can only hope they can throw money at a smart person to fix it, but the reality is that is probably so low on their list over just FIX THE DAMN GAME and MAKE IT FUN…


There’s already a topic talking about this issue but, despite the hundreds of comments, is totally ignored by the devs…Don’t be too optimistic, they won’t solve it anytime soon. The following is the 3d I’m referring to High Latency & Stuttering Issues

Well unless i’m not the only one who plays 250-2000 ping all the time lol

Today was funny, big lags and slow motions physic movements, very bad because u explode and u don’t know how.

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Lag isn’t just in OPR.
I’ve had insane lag in wars making them near unplayable and even had ridiculous amounts of lag in open world or during duels.
I can even get the game to desync completely in any settlement by just using my abilities.

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