LAG War exploit needs fix NOW

We need a response on this.

In my server (Hubur - SA), two settlements were lost because of this stupid lag. Siege weapons are horrible against this and aiming is impossible.

Urgent fix, ffs.


Please title your post correctly. This is not an exploit.


Abusing a bug like this could certainly be considered an exploit


Yeah, just witnessed Marauders under the company SWEET use this in Restless Shores on same server. Almost all players on other side were AoE and just stacked up on the point while invincible because of their lag armor. Players literally just frozen in place from our perspective.


I only saw maybe 6-7 healers with the vast majority of folks stacking AoE in one area. It was very intentional. If they were trying to do damage it wouldn’t have been stacked in 1 specific area slightly off point.


Obviously in this case they’re literally saying “make them lag”. But that doesn’t mean everyone who uses AoE on the point in war are exploiting.

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Yesterday we lost a battle on Rocabarra due to this exploit and it was maddening. I enjoy a good fight no matter if I lose or win, but we couldn’t do anything, that was not a fight. We made no damage and had no option. They didn’t even bother to mount siege engines.

I spent the afternoon on faction quests looking for new equipment thinking on the exciting incoming battle, and finally all become just bad players jeopardizing the game I loved until yesterday. Today they will come to Windsguard. We will not be there.


Sorry to hear that. It is a shame that the most important thing in the game is so broken. What is the sense of leveling and farming if you can’t fight fairly for your own space? If someone can use a glitch to completely ruin your game experience?


Ya, most of my company are already looking into finding a different game to play. Some will stay and get Max level and maybe pve, but I think most of us are done with territory pvp until this gets fixed or we quit.

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Rocabarra server, 1 day after your post, purples lost 3 defenses in 24h to desync.
purples had 5 settlement 3 days after launch, got attacked everyday, won every battle -
Until yesterday.
How can the server recover from this exploit?



Syndicate lost another territory because of this on Rocabarra.

Here is a war from the defending standpoint.


@darkbicin sounds like you’re crying about his post.

Yea, we just had it happen during our last war. Out of no where literally almost everyone was standing still or hardly moving and they just took every point and nothing you can really do with that kind of server lag.


What server and factions?

No im telling him to stop whining. His faction/company have done nothing but bitch in Global and Area chat about it and accusing people of using cheats. He is blaming people instead of blaming amazon for a mode that requires 70+ people to stack on a point to be broken.

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They cheat, keep the cities, we pay taxes in the cities, so in a way we are supporting cheaters. We will make them rich. They first cheat on us and then take our money, and there is nothing we can do except cheat ourselves back or quit playing.

This is beyond sad.


This needs to be addressed


Hello Yamato. i am from Averno company

My friend deni9494 has already written messege but i want add that:

We all were in equal conditions, we have lags on siedge too
All cry that we use bugs but no one think that problem in Amazon server
There are a lot of videos on YouTube with same lags on different servers

Aftter lose city you prefer abandon server to fight. And write everywhere thats problem in bugs and cheats. It so stupid but you dont even thought about that we have been attacking your citys every day sinse launch of the servers to develope tactics and traine skills to capture it. You can do the same whats the problem? You strong and powerfull Company that has good players and organisation isntt? As my friend has already said there are a lot of alone players from Syndicate without company, take them, creare a second company. PROVE that u strong
Hope we will fight with u again. Also u can write me personaly to discuss



tactics? x) 50 people on a point is the tactic you honed for 11 days you say? man, we’ve seen that “tactic” before, that’s when we, the weapon crew on the wall, have the best laugh when we shred the cluster to pieces. The “tactic” you honed the past 11 days, whatever it is, makes the siege engines not register the hits and is the very reason of this thread.
The siege tactic you discovered after 11 days is called an exploit son.
There is enough footage all around youtube and twitter to make your denial pathetic.