LAG War exploit needs fix NOW

They cheat, keep the cities, we pay taxes in the cities, so in a way we are supporting cheaters. We will make them rich. They first cheat on us and then take our money, and there is nothing we can do except cheat ourselves back or quit playing.

This is beyond sad.


This needs to be addressed


Hello Yamato. i am from Averno company

My friend deni9494 has already written messege but i want add that:

We all were in equal conditions, we have lags on siedge too
All cry that we use bugs but no one think that problem in Amazon server
There are a lot of videos on YouTube with same lags on different servers

Aftter lose city you prefer abandon server to fight. And write everywhere thats problem in bugs and cheats. It so stupid but you dont even thought about that we have been attacking your citys every day sinse launch of the servers to develope tactics and traine skills to capture it. You can do the same whats the problem? You strong and powerfull Company that has good players and organisation isntt? As my friend has already said there are a lot of alone players from Syndicate without company, take them, creare a second company. PROVE that u strong
Hope we will fight with u again. Also u can write me personaly to discuss



tactics? x) 50 people on a point is the tactic you honed for 11 days you say? man, we’ve seen that “tactic” before, that’s when we, the weapon crew on the wall, have the best laugh when we shred the cluster to pieces. The “tactic” you honed the past 11 days, whatever it is, makes the siege engines not register the hits and is the very reason of this thread.
The siege tactic you discovered after 11 days is called an exploit son.
There is enough footage all around youtube and twitter to make your denial pathetic.


Hi, I’m also from Averno. When we came to sieges to attack you again and again, we had the same problem as you. When your character has 60 fps on the screen, and everyone around has 1 fps. When the damage did not pass, when the characters teleported, and so on. We have records from all the sieges. We have not written a single comment discrediting you. But after losing, you dare to write that we won fraudulently. I had a better opinion of you. The first sieges were a wonderful experience for us, but if you decide to surrender, then do it with honor.


I do not speak for Yamato, I speak as Muladar. Please keep that in mind.

I’m not going to argue about something that is very clear in the videos, you know what you’ve done as much as anyone who watches them. You didn’t even mount siege weapons. Your “hard training” strategy consisted of putting 50 people on a brand and spamming AOE to lag the server. Of course I can do the same, but I won’t, because it ruins the experience of the game for me.

You don’t want to fight or enjoy the game, just take advantage of an exploit to win. You can ask me to do the same, but I won’t.

I have nothing to discuss in private with you.


Wow, these are obviously the words of a great leader and a superb human been, someone to proudly call boss.

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I’m sorry, but did you watch all the twitch clips? In the second clip the marauders shot caller litterally said AOEs AOEs make em lag make em lag. They were intentionally exploiting with lag this was very much an exploit


That’s what I said. Right here

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Exactly. Abuse of a flaw in the system is an exploit. Sadly this happened on my server, Elaea. We are now being dominated by greens because of this and we did not catch on at first till it was too late.


Another example: NW Reekwater PerlaNera siege lag exploit - YouTube


This happened again on 10/9 on NA East ~ Nunne Chaha in Mourningdale. Cov used the IG exploit to lag out each point costing us the zone.

Every war on the server before this was fair

This exploit needs to be resolved and those that suffered a loss cause of it need to be compensated or given the territory back.

If they can’t win fairly and have to resort to game-breaking mechanics to do so it isn’t fair to the other side defending



it is indeed an exploit. Did you ever watch the attached clips? Calls like “make em lag” are showing that this EXPLOIT is well known. So dont tell us its not an Exploit…


That’s what I said. Right here


You can also see this happening on the Abaton server.

Everfall, which was one of the most upgraded forts on our server filled with level 60’s was lost real quick, so we went to the Streamer that is leading the company, to find that they walked over the captures without any issues because it so happened it lagged out when they had majority on the cap.

I can’t clip due to preferences, but 2 hours 17 minutes here: Twitch

The Grimz Squad/Legion or whatever their company name is ingame, also managed to capture Reekwater in a war that didn’t even last 9 minutes - without a worry they just walk over every war. I’m too lazy to find the VOD of that war, but according to friends who were in that war it was the exact same scenario.

I don’t speak Turkish, so I’m unable to tell if their siege leader told them to lag the server or how they coordinated it, but whatever it was, was perfectly timed.

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Do you really not understand that both sides are experiencing problems in a siege? You say the “bug” is to send 50 people to the point to make the server freeze. But what solutions can you suggest if the essence of the siege is to put more people on the flag than the enemy?

Its not an exploit, its amazon servers problem. And now we must fight in that conditions, cause we have`nt another.


This is a common exploit.

I have seen this done in other games where they would use a group made up of high visual AoE types. It basically DDOS both the server and the enemy players. The information sent back to the ones dropping the AoE is much smaller so while they are experiencing some lag it is no where near to the amount of the victim side.

The person dropping the AoE is only getting the damage feedback and information of the enemies in their AoE. The person getting hit with the AoE is getting feedback from multiple AoEs and visuals and has to send that information back tot he attacker. The server tries to interpret all the information it can but ends up cutting out a lot of information like cannon shots shot from long range.

I was with a group that tested this in WoW and we had 40 people drop AoEs on or near a group we were communicating with. We had some lag with some frame lag while the group we tried it on either froze or crashed and the server had a fit phasing in and out NPCs.

Person in AoE attacked by 40 people has to send information to 40 people on the damage he/she takes and what actions is taken so 40+40=80. The attacker sends down 1 AoE and hits 40 people so 1+40=41.


This is an exploit because one side is exploiting the fact that there are amazon server problems.
They know that if they all get on a point and drop AOE that server’s will die, so they do it.

Using a more common ‘exploit’ example, if there was a way to get max gold in a minute, then is that an exploit or ‘amazon code problems’? Exactly.