LAG when hitting mobs still disgusting

Sometimes they can deal me more damage after I last hit them even. Lag when u drink a pot idk it became so bad after it was before, please return how it been. Or mb something wrong with my server Pepys?! and yes I might be missing something but it looks like my spear hits sometimes not registering, did someone notice the same? died playing this night more times then I died since release… almost impossible to play now

Must be a issue on your end or the server because I’m not experiencing this issue.

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I’m seeing reports of this issue but I’m not having it at all

1st I see such problem, never had it since release even when I fully flood interned connection with downloading TES and BF242 with torrents and music together. Sometimes I just have like 1-2sec delay when boss hits me and hp bar moves down so I just loose those seconds on drinking pots or drink but I succesfully evaded and there was no hit and heal pot wasted. such a crap happening in myrk

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