Lagged detected every 5 mins

Lagged detected every 5 mins ive done every possible fixe and nothing

u may wanna try getting a faster internetspeed.

Maybe post some more information about your setup. what hardware, what is your internet speed, are u on wify or cable, and so on.

So the dev, have some better featback, they can work with, becouse I have not seen lagged detected popup since close beta

i have faster internet speed, i get like 12 m/s ping

u missed my point, the devs can`t use the infomation u gave, to find what the problem is, becouse they don’t know your setup, so they don’t know if the problems, is becouse you have this version of windows, or that motherboard, or so on.

Just saying, I have lagged detected every 5 mins, ive done every possible fixe and nothing.
what are even thoes fixes u tryed?

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