Large Servers & Wars -- Solution = Debuff Frequent Participants

Problem Statement:
War slots are extremely competitive on large servers, even with wars happening on cooldown.
It’s often the same 20-25 people between both rosters (consisting of 100 players) during a given day in every war.
These are talented and experienced individuals that are slotted because of their skill.

If you consider there are 1500 people playing on that given day, and the high stakes of losing territory it’s very difficult to participate for anyone not at the highest level of skill in what is one of the best events in the game.

Potential Solution:
Consider putting “Exhausted” on players that participate too frequently.
This would be like the M10 debuff of -20% on damage and +20% on damage taken.

The more they participate daily, the higher risk it becomes, and to reset the cooldown you need to wait X days.



So you’d take the talented and experienced players and punish them for their success?

Way to incentivize personal improvement.

We should go kneecap all olympic sprinters too, because they make normies feel slow.


When you consider that no one but the same people are allowed to participate every time while a whole bout of players who would LOVE to get involved are forbidden.

Yeah I think the OP has a point.

You can’t have it all to yourself. You can move to the dead servers for that. Btw… your stance is likely a perfect reason why those servers are dead.

We’re going to throw all sorts of competitions and mass player events in the game but only some people will be allowed to join them…

Go figure.


You are not forbidden to play in wars.

Go run influence. I spend multiple days a week doing that with my company so we can participate in about 2-3 wars weekly as a group.

Instead of profitable and fun activities I spend hours running boring pvp influence missions to earn my spot in occasional wars. We also practice as a team, doing 5 man group sessions to build familiarity with each other’s playstyles.

We do our homework. You can do yours.


You’re right. Fighting over a territory is high stakes but your solution too not let the best players participate because they already did a war that day or the day before is ridiculous. If you want to get slotted you need to pass try outs first. Poop on people in opr, go to WW and duel people till everyone knows you can hold you own and do well with you class. Try out for a competitive guild and show them you are good enough to get slotted. Don’t try to Just get peoples spots taken away due to “war exhaustion” take it way to being better than everyone else at that role. Or make your own guild and recruit people and declare wars and slot who you want.

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oh no, its Derv again.

No, they aren’t punished. They are rewarded with maintaining the most profitable territoriy.

They should not be rewarded with owning 3-4 territories and locking out the game for the rest of the server.

The game continues to collapse because what remains of the playerbase is getting pushed out by shell companies and alts. The “elites” have now resorted to multiple accounts/alts to ensure they fight in WW/EF on all the servers. Its toxic AF and is ruining what is left of servers and the community.


If shell companies are the issue you address that issue.

You don’t go hurt every legit player who is playing at the highest levels of the game to maybe do something about shell companies. (these solutions actually don’t fix shell companies and alt accounts and separate steam accounts)

Sometimes both of the wars that I worked my ass off to get into, using entirely legitimate gameplay, fall on the same day. Should I be penalized because others are trashy people who exploit anything they can in games?

The answer to that is no. I should not be penalized because some people decided to buy extra accounts, or run extra companies or stack wars against themselves.

I don’t do those things, so I should not be punished with a DEBUFF because They do.

Punishing the legit players to hurt cheaters is just a nonstarter.
That would be like turning off everyone’s screens because one guy uses a wallhack.
Now nobody can see, but it’s “fair”.

That kind of fairness is insanity.

I honestly don’t know why they don’t make a practice war game mode that can easily be queued for like OPR can. The entire framework is already in the game. This isn’t that hard to do. It should quite literally be the easiest content they could implement for PVP because it already exists.


You just don’t get it dude. Is okay, you can keep the whole game to yourself while the rest of us move on to greener and more fun pastures.


Apparently you can’t read what I wrote and understand that I’m asking for the actual problem to be fixed.

I’m not playing the game by myself. I’m playing in a company with 80+ people, 30+ of which are online at a given time. We’re super active, we put in the time, we practice and we coordinate with our faction and our friends.

We earn the right to possibly play in multiple wars a day by working for it, on the most competitive server left in our region.

There’s no reason anyone in my company should have to get a debuff because some shady people elsewhere are exploiting shell companies or other things to prevent wars from occurring or to control who gets them. Those are real problems but I should not be punished for them when I’m not causing them.

When the best reason anyone can come up with tends to be “but I dont get slotted into wars but those guys do” I’m going to chime in and tell people how to get into wars. You’re doing it wrong if you never get slotted.

you really don’t understand the argument still, and you’ve been fighting your failed perspective in so many threads. It is bad game design to allow for people to fight multiple wars a day when there aren’t that many territories and server populations of 1500+. There is very little end game to keep people interested, and stopping people from participating, even casuals, is hurtful to the server and game.

When an elite few dominate a majority of the map, its not good design. There is no arguing that, and the decline in numbers continues to show that its not good design. The fact that we now have people with alts from the competitive servers coming to other servers to dominate WW/EF/BW is just hilarious and insane. Its pushing the last remaining of us out.


I’m wondering if the introduction of mini invasions and mini wars will help make this not feel as bad. But against a daily “War Fatigue” buff to prevent players from doing more than one a day at least.

Because all companies are free of favoritism and nepotism. After all they are special people who don’t do it wrong.

Derv can either be right and watch servers collapse or they can take a chance that this might encourage people to stay.

They’re right that it’s always better to have skill and gear. That’s fair and a reasonable position. However, that’s thinking inside the game.

Outside the game people just leave. Players want participation and activities endgame. So it won’t matter if they are “doing it wrong” when they just go somewhere else.

war fatigue is 100% the immediate solution and has been proposed in every one of these threads and has yet to get an AGS response about it as their game continues to die.

The second issue is how do we address multiple accounts? We are now seeing some of the top companies / players level alts on secondary accounts and dominate another servers top territories to feed themself even more gold. It’s just insane the amount of degeneracy that is happening at the end cycle of this game. There is no check and balance. The incentives for territory ownership really need to change to help stop this toxic level of gameplay.

This is good discussion, no need to focus too heavily on convincing a specific person. The devs see this and will eventually react to this based on the discussion regardless of whether or not one person disagrees. I’m sure something will happen based on the overwhelming feedback moving towards change, how is changed is up in the air. Not a bad idea to think critically of the idea though and how this may negatively impact some players as well so you can better refine the idea.

I get this but at the same time how do you improve at war without being able to do a war

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Outpost Rush with a group, using comms to coordinate. Watching other peoples gameplay. Discussing your class with players who excel at it. Record your gameplay and send to others. Open world PVP, when it happens. Duels. Plenty of ways right there.

This isn’t needed. Any small company can push a territory to get in a war. If you aren’t getting slotted there is actually something you’re doing wrong and you should take personal responsibility to correct that instead of complaining.

A casual skirmish mode which is the same as war but with no territory changes I think would be better to allow less experienced players to have war gameplay.

I like the war exhaustion idea of like 3 hours vs the debuff
I do get it wars vary often so it would effect me
its will force companies to use other seige windows instead of everything happening 9-12

but also I like that as a player base we are looking for a solution and every viewpoint matters