Large Servers & Wars -- Solution = Debuff Frequent Participants

It’s not about pushing to get into a war, its the fact that one company easily owns 3-5 territories on most every server, making it so smaller companies or less geared players can’t compete. You are forced to fight the same “elites” of the server in every zone. There is little diversity in the high end war rosters, which essentially locks a large portion of the playerbase out from the game.

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So, you’re saying better players should be handicapped so bad players have a chance of winning? Ruins the competiveness. Personally, I wouldn’t feel accomplished if I won a war because of arbitrary debuffs.

I have characters on multiple servers, one of which isn’t even 600GS, was created last Saturday, and I got into a war yesterday. I don’t see companies owning the whole server and I see lots of people getting into wars. There’s some players that are in more than others but that shouldn’t be a problem - they earned it through their skill.

I agree wthat there are things that you can practice outside of war, but war is different from open world and opr as well.

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Sure, it’s different, but all of the skills used in war can be developed else where. For example, I’ve seen my war group do better when we queue for OPR immediately before and practice our comms. I’d actually estimate I spend way more time prepping and practicing for war outside of war and I think this makes a big difference.

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I will say that comms, arguably the most important thing, can definitely be practiced in all forms of pvp.

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No, I’m saying the game needs to find ways to fix all the work arounds players are developing to alter the intended gameplay. The game was designed to stop one company from owning the map by forcing one siege time for all their territories. This made owning 2+ territories difficult. This design was to help spread out the wealth and army participation.

When one company owns a majority of the map, then only a few companies of similar calibur are the only ones who are able to fight them. Less skilled companies or smaller companies are unable to participate in the end game because the matchmaking is uneven. Since there is no true match making system, the only way to spread out the competition is by not allowing the “top” company to own the map.

The reward for being the “most skilled” is you get to own the best territory that makes the most money. You don’t need multiple territories to show off your epeen, simply owning the pick of the litter is good enough. The ones who think they can compete with you will war you. This is literally how my original server operated the first 4 months of the game until it died off. No one did shell companies, the top companies had EF/WW/BW. There was a much more even spread of land and the outer territories swapped hands more often. The server was one of the least toxic around and one of the few that lasted until the final merges.

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Shell companies are a seperate issue, not the focus of this thread and I agree are a legitimate issue. These solutions don’t fix the problems and cause problems for the competetive playerbase.

Any company can fight them. Literally a solo person could push and sign up and fight 1v50 if they were the only person and still fight them. You absolutely are not locked out of the content. You can fight and try to win the territory at anytime it’s not in invasion or otherwise pushed.

We’re not showing off our “e-peen”, we just like war and push territories to have war.

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Oh and if you are less skilled, you can participate, honestly just get good, focus on improving instead of complaining.

No. Territory is big and you’ve already stated the reason why it’s competitive. High stakes. People don’t wanna lose their territory. Trying to force some rotation is gonna be nothing but a disaster. Say a server is unbalanced and a faction is vastly outnumbered. Then what? They do 20% less damage, they take 20% more damage, all because they don’t have the numbers to field other competent players? Great, now they lose the war because of this debuff and quit the game over it.

derv, you are forgetting, casuals is what keeps the game alive

servers are dying…

this, coupled with shell hopping should make a solid positive impact

So you are telling me that if AGS doesn’t rework the way Companies work (no delay joining a guild, creating one, etc…) the best way to fix this is by harming the players?

Are you on their DEV team?

Having no life fixed it for ya’.

The problem is the only fun thing left to do in this game for PVP players is wars. It’s the closest thing to competition or ‘ranked’ that they can get

The solution is to add mock wars that companies can queue for, adding 3v3 arenas, leaderboards and group finders for dungeons. Adding a new opr map and better open world PvP incentives.

Locking players to one war a day means they just get bored and war log

@Luxendra what do you think?

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They should make a test war mode for all the bad players that do not get slotted.

Or get good and stop being trash. Then you will get into a war.

because war was only ever made for the most elite ever… Peons never made the front lines.

true story… right…

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Are you trying to get slotted?

I doubt this very much.

Casuals were a big part of the 900k people buying this game. They left a while ago.
The vast majority of people I see in this game, right now (I have characters on 2 servers now) are level 60 and at least halfway to 600gs or more. Even the people that left for a while and came back are working their way into the 600s now. The investment required to get to that point in this game would mean those people aren’t casuals in my estimation.

There should be a war option that has no skin in the game for people to practice on. That’s been stated for months and maybe they’ll do something about it. Not everyone has the free time in a week to be running 4 hours of influence pushes.

That would be great for the people who can’t be bothered to put in the time to get into a real war and they’d get some practice and maybe get the urge to go be less casual and put in the work for a real one. They should add that and not subtract something.

Making real wars worse for the people WHO DO PUT IN THE TIME, is a stupid nonsolution to the issues with this game and takes away from the game.

We need both to have a game that lasts, not one or the other: Content for casuals and content for tryhards.

You can’t just turn all the hard stuff into easy stuff because people are lazy, or you lose the people who actually want a challenge or a learning curve.

Instead of a mock war or another version of, we should be able to raid the actual towns. 24 hr warning just like everything else, and the rewards would be a cache of some sort. No risk to territory ownership but gives others a chance to participate in a war/pvp like activity. The summons could be like invasions, where whoever declared the raid can only pick 10 people and the rest are random by sign up slot.

that’s not what was suggested, what was suggested is multi war hopping ever day, with same company