Last Argument completed

Well, yes it’s a 580 purple - but since it actually counts as a 580 and ignores expertise (which for me is only at 516) I’ll take it for now. Soloing in Imperial and Myrk to get mob drops is always a good time as well. :wink:

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Looks cool

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It looks better than the skin on the store. They really need some more creative skin creators.

I want one.

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Does it have 3 perks still?

No, it’s a 2-perk Purple and I don’t know what - if anything - will happen at 600. I’m asking some questions about that too. For me that 3rd perk - Keenly Fortified - isn’t dramatically valuable and it could well wind up that I use it only until I get expertise to the point where I’m beyond its 580 GS.

If The Big Stick picks up perk 3 at 600 and flips to Gold from Purple then it may be a better bet anyway…at least for some uses.

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