Last thing we need is more instanced content. We need dynamic open world pvp with ranks and rewards (open world pvp thought starters)

PvP arenas? AGS you guys can think up of a better way to promote small scale combat than arenas. It’s so boring and this is coming from a duelist in wow. Add random spawns in the world for PvP content, add ranks you can gain and unlock gear. Add small scale raids by smaller companies on enemy territories. Wow classic did it right. Give me ways of making gold with me and a few buddies through open world pvp. Let us set up a raiding camp in an enemy territory and steal gold from the town until we get destroyed. You could even add 2 types of ranking like honorable which would be destroying raiding companies and like bandit ranks for stealing gold. Be able to flag as a bandit or flag as a guard. The best part of NW is the world itself why take that away by farting in town until a queue pops. So lame


defending a fort should award tokens up to a certain cap per day (10k or so)

flipping a fort should give 2500 tokens for everyone standing on point.

change my mind.


Is there a mechanic to prevent flip trading?


I think they should do both, obviously. However, I think arenas would be enough to keep many pvp players interested in the game for a while. It’s nice to be able to queue for content you enjoy and, if you are serious about it, it’s nice to have a leaderboard/rank. Also, an arena would highlight weapon/armor imbalances, which ideally would be corrected quickly and ultimately lead to better gameplay. Really anything would be better than it is now. I’m currently queued for OPR and looking for mutated runs to join, but I cannot find any so I’m here typing this nonsense.


arena would only highlight arena imbalances. you can’t touch anything without it also impacting war, opr, and pve.

im pro-arena, but OP is correct that open world pvp rewards would be rad. a raid camp that steals taxes sounds fucking dope. that should honestly be how territory flips work. players set up “raid camps” at a number of pre-determined locations (like corruption portals), the owning company must regularly purge these camps and raze them to prevent the territory from flipping. this makes so much more sense than zerg balling a quest chain, avoiding pvp to get turn-ins.


We need a way for smaller companies to take gold from towns and disperse wealth. If me and 10 friends could set up basically like a bandit toll on a road in an enemy territory that siphons gold from the town until destroyed would 1. Disperse wealth 2. Create the larger companies to work with smaller companies for protection. 3. Make the community bond stronger 4. Create small scale open world pvp.


Yea, that’d be awesome. I just think that kind of stuff will take a while to develop right and by then there might not be anyone playing.


With bandit ranks and military ranks. Like dude let me grind some bandit gear and slap my company crest all over it with the company colors. Bandit lord


I’ll still be playing. Let me raid 1% of Windsward’s treasury as a solo governor, thx AGS.

Let us raid .10 of daily taxes every 10 minutes until destroyed! Just make it so it takes time to build the camp and you need the materials.

I think it would be cool if a caravan traveled between two cities. One faction defends the caravan. The other two factions try to loot it. Only one faction gets the rewards.


That’s what they did right in Valheim. Make the precious materials have to be hauled off in a caravan so basically your defending the location while getting the materials and then defending it until your caravan makes it back into town. Valheims whole gameplay loop came from getting materials.

Caravans would also be super cool. I’m going to make a diagram of how I think this raid camp thing could work though. Free design brainstorm work for my friends at Amazon Game Studios.

I’d say for like 5 person groups make it like the camp now but a 5 person camp that’s built pretty quickly but doesn’t siphon a lot of gold so you can just do it with a few friends. But the. Make a larger scale camp that has to be set up in a pre determined location to flip territories. Then if your raiding you gain bandit ranks and gear and if your defending the territory your gaining like military ranks and titles.


Hire anonymous and I we got you covered.


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Now THATS a fucking great idea. The biggest fun I’ve had in this game was the only few times that legit open world PvP happened (not that crap where you’re farming with your mining set or running around with lucky set and someone attacks you).
Incentive for open world PvP is all we need but sadly they’re turning this more and more info grindy-PvE game so carebears can’t cry on the forum anymore.

Raids to steal gold from camps / caravans would be a fantastic idea, keeping in mind that this gold reward needs to be not so small to be useless but not so great that the guild owning the territory would insta spawn their 50 best geared players to defend it, but some middle term that would be profitable for small groups to attack and still be interesting to defend.

Another thing would make some zones PvP-only like the grey areas on the map.

Instanced PvP is boring af and those 3v3 and 5v5 arenas aren’t stopping people from quitting this game. Imagine the clownfiesta of a 3-man team made of one tanker, one healer and one DPS playing against other team of the same kind, nobody would ever be killed on this mode.


Let’s goooo! Keep this shit bumped!

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Alright so this isnt QUITE what you had in mind @RWMyersJR, but I tried to keep the scale of the idea small and make it work with existing systems. I think it would still enable small groups like 5 players to set up camps on less populated territories during off-peak hours and pilfer some gold.

Why only 3 camps in these positions?

Contextually the camps are on the road to explain how they are “stealing funds” by intercepting the invisible foot traffic that allows TP users to buy goods across the map. Three camps is chosen so that if 2 factions are vying to declare on a territory, they are not stalemated. The stronger of the two factions will have 2/3 camps and proceed to declaration more swiftly.

They are placed near town so that the defending company does not get kited around the territory all night putting down camps. When they are under a raid, they simply need to go to their town and begin PVPing a bit outside the gates to put down the rebellion. The defenders have the gate (safe zone) to their back, so this gives them an advantage if they need to fall back and regroup.

Is this intended to replace the faction quest system?

No. This would supplement faction questing, and possibly even allow turn-ins at the raid camp so that attackers need not run all the way into town and shortens their quest loop.

Wont this mean war decs are just easier, happen faster, and lead to less open world PVP

Well, yes. It would cause declaractions to go faster if implemented with no changes to that diagram. I think it would cause more PVP around the camp as currently war declarations are often just groups running around avoiding combat to try and get their turn-in.

Another possible change could be that the defending company removes 5-10% influence from the raid camp’s faction when the camp is destroyed. This could lead to building camps with fake companies to reduce faction standing, but at least they would have to PAY materials to build that camp and destroy it if they were going to do this.

@RWMyersJR since I hijacked your idea and started making it my own, if you were doing the design work how would your concept differ from the one I’ve presented. I’m not particularly attached to this idea I just enjoy game design and wanted to contribute to a thread with my own suggestions. Ultimately I don’t think the team is soliciting concepts on this scale from the community so this is all really just for fun :slight_smile:


No from a territory flipping stand point it is a great idea! I think this larger scale is great for open world pvp. I was just thinking in addition if smaller groups like 5-10 people can also set up camps along roads to steal smaller amounts of gold as well. But yea I think on roads is important just because it makes sense that you would be basically taking gold from hypothetical trade going to and from the towns. I think the camps being so close to town would get destroyed too fast to get any money so the closer ones would be larger camps from bigger companies basically like a siege camp and your starving the town out. And then be able to do simple camps along any road in the territory to just do basic stealing of gold headed into the towns.