Last Time TP Closed Down

Seems like everyone in AGS ONLY works 9-5pm, so obv no update today. Top priority my ass.


Yes, but theyre probably doing a weekly patch this week anyway, so might as well include it all in 1 downtime period instead of 2. With how annoying this game’s playerbase is, 2 1 hour downtimes at 8am wouldnt slide :joy:

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They stop working in about 2 hours, theyre not done yet

Dude, just stop, please. The way you talk… the way you tryna get all personal on somebody outta nowhere…that’s really a very classic loser mentality, and it’s incredibly cringy … so seriously stop.
I would recommend you using a mirror to vent out your negative feelings from now on. It is much healthier than typing nonsense to a random guy on internet.


He’s not the one getting so anxious about a trading post in a video game being shutdown. Talk about sad life.


Downtime for the fix is incoming:

As for enabling the Trading Post and player to player trading, it’s better that we do it right instead of just fast. We’re actively working around the clock to get everything back up!


Indeed take your time. When it’s back up it must be fine for good, no other dupe or stuff like a year ago back to back.

Could you at least try give us a rough estimated time, will it be hours, days, weeks?

We aren’t expect an exact time, and we know these tasks can go under / over the times (as with updates and other down times).

A lot of us need to trade between one another to complete everyday tasks within the game within our possible play times. So know a rough estimate would be really appreciated. We don’t want to be sitting in game twiddling our thumbs because we can’t do the content that we wish to do due some of the basic systems being down.

I mean we have this new(ish) expedition to do, but can’t trade gems or gear that will allow use to prepare for it. So it feels a bit bad for those of us who primarily play weekends that we might just miss this chance and have to wait 3-4 weeks for it roll back over again.


Seems too good to be true

Bad coding is never fixed so easily.


The fact that such a small update can cause so much havoc.

Except in this case, it’s bad code from Winter Convergence 2021, so it should be easy to fix. The trouble is all of the trade transactions that they now have to track down and reverse, then ensure they ban only the exploiters and not anyone who unknowingly bought duped items, and are just normal players, which is a much more laborious, time-intensive process than code fixing.


Every Big Patch it seems we have to endure a disablement. Azoth, Trophies, Forts, Countless Dupe Related Trade Shut Downs. Just some of the Patch related Disablements off the top of my head. It’s really getting old. Why are these things not being caught and fixed in the PTR? It seems pretty obvious. There were players who tested this exploit in PTR and were ready to act. Spoiler Alert, this will happen again and again until The Team can find a way to vet these patches better.

I think other posters elsewhere on the forum have stated this, but switching off of the Lumberyard engine would be great for not having all these issues with dupe exploits.


Told yall it would more than likely be next Tuesday st the earliest.

Deja Voodoo smh

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You guys gotta search & destroy, we getcha. Please be harsh on those that exploited and caused us these hardships.

Take your time. Maybe you all can also look at all of the botting going on too. Would be nice to see them HWID banned.

Tell me you lknow nothing about software development without saying you know nothing about software development.

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This isnt good enough

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