Latency Spikes occuring way more often (became unplayable)

Hello guys,

I have played the game since the open Beta, and then since the launch.
I play on WiFi 5gHz since I have no other choice (I wish i was on ethernet), and that had me experience some latency spikes from time to time, bothering sometimes but nothing really concerning. I get it, as playing on WiFi, this can happen.
However, I feel like since the last patch, the game became unplayable, latency spikes occuring way more often than it used to, and lasting way much more. The gaming is becoming unplayable!

I thought it might be my network, but i tested it on ther games (LoL, Valorant, Overwatch) and latency spikes aren’t happening like that!

Please do not tell me “Just play on ethernet then” because i definetly would if i coud ! :frowning:

Had any one experience the same phenomenon ?

Thanks for the help, people!

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