Latest Bans for Duping Are Ridiculous and Pointless

First Off: Yes people should not exploit or dupe. I am AGAINST it. But at this point over this last duping exploit I and others simply don’t care. Ban sticks are coming out and 100’s possibly 1000’s of ppl are suspended for 48 hours or permanently banned. So what, we’re gonna be down another 4k players after players have lost more friends to bans? Some of the people purchased items from the tp. Who knows what prices bots or people grinding list consumables for.
It can’t wreck the economy any worse than it already has been wrecked. THIS CRAP IS ALL ON AGS. To reiterate: duping bad. But at this point it’s a meme due to AGS’s terrible job at coding this game.


You can repeat that duping is bad all you want, but if your solution is nothing be done to punish the dupers you don’t actually believe it. The bug existing is the fault of AGS, but the players abusing it is on the players. They cheated and got banned for it. Good. Hopefully they don’t come back.

AGS has painted itself into a corner a bit because the remaining playerbase is disproportionately the worst and most toxic parts of the community, but if they want the game to have a future they need to be willing to purge the poison even if makes their numbers seem worse in the short-term. Cheaters? Bye. People who want the game to be balanced around playing it like a full-time job? Bye. Good riddance.


Yeah because banning people who purchased items from the TP are cheaters. Idiotic response when there’s bots lowballing consumables for months. Figure it out.


Most def people in my company that got the perma ban that didn’t dupe and had buy orders filled by duped items. The way AGS is going about this is completely dumb and childish. It’s literally their own fault for a bug they did, and they take it out on their limited player community. This is the equivalent of people using the void gauntlet lunge when it was bugged to get kills in wars/oprs. It’s the developers fault so why harm the community for it? Especially since the bug was soo widely reported all over reddit, and quite frankly, crazy easy to do. The easy (yet not easy) solution is to simply ban the players until they can have the duped items deleted from their accounts.

The main issue here is communication by the leadership team at AGS. As someone who has taken a leadership role in life, I feel that the lack of clear communication, transparency, honesty, and overall awareness with the community is hurting the game almost as much as their lack of caring about fixing gameplay bugs. They should be able to post a message on the forums, specifically saying what their plan is, and how they are going to execute the plan, in a transparent way. People that are temp banned/perma banned should not be left in limbo/the dark while they wait patiently for bot emails. This is not how you create a community of loyal players.

How many accounts did you ban AGS? 1k? 10k? It’s irrelevant, you should have the man power/money to go through the bans and deleted said duped items. Want to actually perma people that deserve it? Anyone that posted duped items on the market should have been perma banned, those that only duped to fill their storages should be banned until said items can be deleted.

The above should have been the corrective action taken to fix this problem caused by YOU, the developer.

I want to see a company like Purdue, or Trader joe’s, blame the customer after getting them sick with a bad product after releasing public statement saying not to eat said product. Or Honda not getting sued after a vehicle recall and the customer not returning the car, only to be killed by the recall item. Oh thats right, that would never happen, cause those companies will take accountability for their actions, but not you AGS, blame your clientele for your lack of leadership and doing what you ALLOWED them to do in your game.

Grow up AGS, hire a better leadership team, and take accountability for your actions.

PS, im not banned, i’ve never been banned, but I AM reporting this to the Better Business Bureau for negligent behavior by the company to its users without proper adjustments to the user end agreement (you cant punish people for something you publicly stated the day of, and for a defect YOU as the company caused)

Have a nice day


It’s so easy to understand, yet… :joy:

These situations are so far off from dupes and bans in video games that it is actually laughable. Please let me know when AGS is successfully sued for a ban.

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nothing with far difference, would you prefer me saying this would be like valve having a bug in cs 1.6, where if you throw a flash in nuke under a crate it flashes the whole CT team. Now, if you did this “exploit” , valve would give you a swift permaban… Oh wait that didnt happen, the only consequence of using the exploit came in professional matches and they would simply overturn the round… not ban anyone. Or when maybe in CS:Source, there was a bug with HLTV demos, where they would glitch after 90 seconds, and CAL(Cyberathletic Amatuer League) decided to permaban you if you didn’t reset the demos every 90 seconds… OH WAIT thats right they didnt, they simply overturned the rounds in the match…

Thats the difference, solve the issue at hand and do it transparently and with open communication. Like i said earlier, if it’s such a big deal, keep people ban until you can remove said items from their inventory. I don’t see what the issue is. The only ones that deserve the permabans were those that were using the “feature” and making profit on it.

Again, different situations and not really comparable. Different company, different ways of handling it.

Correct, one company did it right, and is successful. They hired administrators within the community to help regulate their game and community, and came up with reasonable solutions and were transparent about it.

The company is clearly not AGS.
Take notes from Valve.

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@JosserkX if you think duping and ruining the economy is equivalent to using the VG slide bug in a war it’s hard to take you seriously.

The players who got perm banned were duping or starting creating buy orders after the dupe to scoop up the dupes items. They are more than likely lying to you about the severity of their cheating.


Clearly you don’t read whole posts.

I think if anyone used the dupe and then put items on the market to make profit should ABSOLUTELY be permabanned. Ruining the economy is most def a case to be permabanned, and no where in my post did I ever state otherwise

My connection with the vg slide was those that filled their storages for the dupe but never posted on the market, or those who put in buy orders on the market and got filled by dupe items. The first case is using a bug for a competitive advantage, like the vg slide, and banning people setting buy orders is complete malarkey.

Both of the above cases are not cases for perma-bans, and once again, AGS should be clear and transparent how they are addressing these cases. And once again, should keep these accounts on a temp ban until the said duped items can be deleted. Their game, their bug, their fix. The user shouldnt suffer for taking advantage of a bug that was not even publicly notified by AGS until the day before the ban(3 full days after the bug came out).

Using buy orders to take advantage of exploiting/bug abuse going on is just as bad as committing it. Quit tryna look for the easiest way to get a advantage or some sort. Good Job on AGS’s part.

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So if I put in a buy order without knowing about the bug and then get banned because my orders are filled without knowing about the bug is taking advantage?

I’m sorry, but I can’t understand your logic.
If everyone who had a buy order filled by a duped item, regardless if they knew about it, should be permabanned is absolutely ridiculous.

And to perma ban players without concrete evidence of intention for these specific cases is quite lazy.

I hope you’re never on a jury, because you would never read between the lines to justify fairness… You’re assuming that everyone is guilty based on the ends without justifying the means.

one of my guild members eat a perma ban after 2000 hours played on his character. Believe me, its not being taken lightly. this is his first offense. all he did was make himself some honing stones and storaged them.


I read your whole post. Your void slide correlation is nonsense as it doesn’t take into account the effect on the game and others. One gives you a slight advantage in an isolated fight, the other completely destroys the consumable market for every player in the game. If you can’t see the difference there I don’t know what else to say.

It’s not just having a buy order filled, it’s knowing there is a dupe for consumables going on so you go to the trade post and put up buy orders for extremely cheap to scoop up the duped items. I would mortgage my house on a bet that your players knew there was a dupe when they were getting thousands of T5 honing stones for .01 gold.

Players are not getting banned for existing buy orders, they are getting banned for effectively helping launder the duped items and creating tons of work for the devs. How stupid do you have to be to partake in duping by mass buying the items and not expecting to be banned.

You are making the nonsense argument players make when they get banned for buying gold when they are detected as having received a large sum of gold from a known gold seller. “But I was just trading him and he gave me 300K, there is no proof of intent.”

I would hope you are never on a jury because you would never convict someone of buying stolen property. All you need is reason to believe the item is illegitimate to be convicted, and yes a logical thinking person would believe thousands of honing stones for 1 cent are illegitimate.

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No, your reply is nonsense, an advantage is an advantage, regardless the difference in severity. Someone stealing a snickers bar and a bank are 2 different things, but they are both theft. The consumable market is only affected if the items are put on the market, if not, the developer can easily delete them, while the account is suspended. And unsuspend the accounts once said items were deleted.

Your way of thinking is draconic and wrong, sorry. People are individuals and should be treated as such. The saying “treat others like you would like to be treated” is wrong and antiquated. People should be treated the way they WANT to be treated, who are you to decide how to treat individuals.

And look, AGS has done the RIGHT thing, and literally is doing what I asked. People will be unbanned once the items are removed.

Let me know if you would like me to prove you wrong again by replying with more gibberish and nonsense. Thanks

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You didn’t prove me wrong on anything lol, what AGS does has no bearing on what I said and is an appeal to authority fallacy. AGS said players with 7 day suspensions will keep being suspended, they didn’t say they are unbanning cheaters who are perm banned.

You are just making yourself look dumb and contradicting yourself. On one hand you are saying all advantages are the same and should be treated the same, on the other you are saying people should be treated as individuals on a case by case basis. I am not sure how you want to be treated matters when you break the law. Now you are just grasping for straws.

Saying the market is not effected is also wrong. It lowers demand for that item. Imagine if every player in the game duplicated 10,000 T5 Honing stones and none went on the trading post. The price on legitimate non cheater players like the ones in your company would tank as no one would need them and the market would be destroyed. Wrong again.

Using your nonsense logic animation cancelling after a dodge in war should be treated the same as a player DDOSing the war server to lag out the game and gain an advantage. As you can see your “advantage is an advantage” is nonsense, severity matters. So yes you are wrong again here.

Umm, do you know how to decipher information properly?

I clearly said the demand wont be affected since everyone that duped is BANNED until all the items that were duped are DELETED, which is EXACTLY what amazon said they were doing. How can you affect demand if you cant login. I guess since you’re banned you’re affecting the market right? I said that if you were to treat all “exploiters” or “bug abusers” or “cheaters” the same way, you could perm ban everyone that used the VG slide for a competitive advantage. Or anyone who used the hatchet bug for an advantage. It’s all under the same umbrella of doing something that gives you an edge over someone else.

The point was for amazon to be more transparent with what they were doing to resolve this, and coming up with a better solution than just permabanning people and giving others 2 day bans without any explanation of how they were going to resolve the issue.
Which once again, they just posted how they were going about. I don’t know if my post had anything to do with it, but KUDOS to amazon for being transparent and coming up with a solid plan. They are keeping people banned until the items are deleted. Problem solved.

BTW, allow me to educate you, since you apparently lack the skills to use google.




  1. (of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe.

Please reply again. I love crushing people with logic.

@JosserkX I agree they should be more transparent with how it is working. I also agree players who posted the items should be perm banned. Where we disagree is I also think players who filled their storage should be perm banned. Why would they not? It doesn’t effects the market as much as posting to the TP does, but it greatly effects the game as a whole. I really don’t know how anyone can fill their storage with duped items and expect not to be perm banned. It is also costing AGS hundreds of thousands of dollars in time spent taking corrective action and deleting duped items when they could have spent that time building new features in the game. A message needs to be sent to not partake in duping even if you can.

Here is the transparency for you and everyone else. If you abuse a duping bug in any way expect to be permanently banned from the game. If for some reason you don’t get perm banned consider yourself lucky. We don’t need all these niche rules for cheaters.

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