Latest Bans for Duping Are Ridiculous and Pointless


" It is also costing AGS hundreds of thousands of dollars in time spent taking corrective action and deleting duped items when they could have spent that time building new features in the game."

This tells me everything I need to know about where you’re coming from, and why you feel the way you feel.
No SERIOUS pvp player in this game wants new features, every time AGS has a new feature or content, something in the gameplay absolutely breaks. All people that play this game serious for pvp want a smooth, bug free, gaming experience. We don’t need new “features”, we want the bugs fixed. We don’t care for a new weapon, we care for them to get rid of our whiskey d**k whenever we try to take out void blade. We don’t care for new quests, we care for there not to be so much d-sync/warping when using a melee weapon, or being able to queue up OPR’s without having to relog or reset the group cause its bugged cause someone was still looking at the scoreboard.

The fact that you want new features tells me you play this game for PVE, not PVP.
There’s nothing wrong with that, by all means, do as many dungeons as you want, have at it on all the invasions, but the PVP is still the main reason people are playing this game. If not then why go to way more populated servers in the first place? It’s for competition. This game needs no new features, it needs bugs to be fixed and gameplay to be smooth.

Your draconian take to anyone who “cheated” and give them a permaban, regardless of severity is the problem. If it were up to your logic, i’d get 25-life for stealing a snickers bar.

I’m sorry we disagree with what the proper punishment should be, and who is to properly blame for the root cause of this issue in the first place (god forbid amazon has an issue paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to correct something they broke). But for me, as a leader, I will always take accountability for my teams faults, and will look internally before blaming others. If I allowed for an environment for people to easily use a bug for personal benefit, the problem is with me, not the user.

It looks more like you still do not understand why stealing is wrong.

You are correct about one thing though, the suspensions are pointless they should have been lifetime hardware bans. In fact lets go completely draconian and tie all gamers to there SS numbers, and dish out bans that flat lock cheaters out of playing all games.

Because apparently knowing you can get permanently banned for violating the ToS, is not a large enough deterrent to stop people from cheating.

No shot, you’re getting crushed with logic too.

The original argument was never if what was done was against the ToS is cheating, but the severity of the bans to those who were victims of the bug(buy orders/accidental dupes), and an easy(yet costly and time consuming) a fix would be for those that didn’t profit from the bug.

Once again, no one was ever arguing that stealing a snickers isn’t stealing and is not wrong. You’re whole point is irrelevant because it was based on your lack of effort to probably read everything in the post and/or not being able to read words and comprehend them.

Who’s next?

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. My point is entirely relevant.

I saw the stuff on the TP, and instantly knew it was a dupe issue. I chose not to trade in the duped items till after it was resolved. For someone to not know that honing stones do not go for 0.01 would require they be completely brain dead. same with ultra cheap pots, and rabbit. If you are placing buy orders so absurd that nobody in their right mind would fill them, then you are more than likely laundering exploited goods, or otherwise engaged in RMT. Making excuses for those actions is silly.

Can you stop proving that you can’t read words?!

On my first post I clearly state anyone that duped items and sold them on the TP should be perma banned.

Why do you like being irrelevant?

Once again, who’s next?

my mistake

Wait, you actually didn’t read the name of the person who posted though.
That’s two different people.

I don’t mean to point you out lookin like a goof on the forums, but I’m pointing out that you look like a goof on the forums.

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You are correct he said first post I have no interest in knowing someone making excuses for cheaters so I didn’t bother checking his name.

He did in fact state the afore mentioned statement about bans. My apologies. However he also tried to blame AGS for the actions of the players.

So sorry, but not sorry.

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