Latest patch a dissapointment

It is not that I thought the concept of having hard mode versions of dungeons was bad, I think it is quite good, because of running just Genesis and Laz over and over again, you get hard mode versions for some variety.

However I thought it would be something simple as just creating a dungeon with tougher mobs and a bit better loot and for all dungeons at all times, not just one per week, and without these weird mechanics of randomly doing elemental damage and having damage resistance for a certain damage type. How is that an interesting mechanic? It is just a chore, having to switch gear all the time. And why mutated version of just one dungeon at a time. That is just restrictive.

I just want a hard-mode versions of The Depths, Dynasty, Starstone, all of them, and the freedom to choose which one to run and be rewarded for it. Why is this such a hard thing to do? It is just common sense.

Then the bugs I mean seriously. Global chat broken. Crafting broken. Storage broken. Tax hikes. etc etc. Just getting more tired of thinking about New World and how sad it is that such a fundamentally good game is handled so poorly.

It feels New World has the habit, for every patch, making one step forward, new dungeon versions, and several step backwards, bad design decisions, bugs etc.


They managed to break the simplest parts of the game, while increasing the importance of the most boring content (Laz/Gen). Of course you’re disappointed.


I actually liked running Laz/Genesis but even something you like, eventually gets repetitive. Mutated dungeons could have extended the life of expeditions by a simple act of just creating hard mode versions of all of them, just like Diablo and their different difficulty versions.

Instead they did this convoluted way of introducing more orbs and restricting which dungeon you can do mutated versions of and only a couple of times per week. AGS needs to fire its game designers, they can’t do anything right.

I find it funny how people talk about needing to have new gear as if they already did mutation 8+ complain to complain. You dont need need other gear, you need to know what youre doing and upgrade your gear by doing the lower mutations first. Clearing 1-4 in voidbent armor is easy as hell. git gud and stop wanting to play everything on day 1. Youre not supposed to reach mutation 10 in a week.

‘‘ooh i cleared tier 5 i want to do tiere 6 omg shitgame its too hard i need new gear’’

No you need to spamm 4-5 upgrade gearscore and then do 6. Common sense is hard eh?

Where are the promised stun-chain nerfs? Where are the promised Mage buffs? The devs let us down.

We dont need new gear, it is just that there simply is nothing else interesting to do as endgame PvE. I would much rather build my character stats and skills in new and more difficult content, be it instanced or in open world, but skills and level is all capped and there is no challenging open world content that is not consumed by swarms of zergs. Making it null and void.

So “February update” is for bug fixing. And apparently all the bugs that they haven’t been able to fix since launch and all the bugs that they add with each new update will miraculously be fixed in February.

You don’t measure someone based on what they say, but what they do.

So far AGS has failed every conceivable measure of QA/QC. They have been unable/unwilling to provide core mechanic fixes that have plagued the game since launch. There is an endlessly growing list of issues and problems that they promise to fix “in a future patch” but patch after patch creates more problems and even fixes that claim to be fixed aren’t fixed.

This is their track record. AGS, you are exactly what you appear to be.


Thats why they release dungeon mutators now. To prepare you for the stronger and more diffcult content. You cant expect them to release harder content while the GS remains 600 cause that doesnt work. Yes you can add new mechanics, but that has nothing to do with character progression. For me its a pretty obvious sign, you get 2 months to get your gearscore up. And in march they will probably add new dungeons/content.

Then you will see the forums floaded with people who are crying they cant do it, cause their gearscore isnt 625 yet cause they ‘‘hated’’ mutators. Theres always something. :slight_smile:

Time will tell.

If you are talking about expeditions, then yes. But open world is broken and gearscore wont matter because it is all Zerged anyway. Even if they introduce harder content, it will be facerolled by Zergs. They need to implement proper scaling in open world, before introducing any new content.

It is almost like the devs have no idea how to make a fun game… This is the problem when you are all book smarts with no street smarts. You get trash games like this one.


Yep. They are over-thinking and over-designing every solution.

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Here’s the thing, when you step away for a while and really look, you’ll see at its core it was never a good game. The combat is fine for PVE but falls apart in large scale pvp. Balance was at its closest at launch and is now borked. Gear sucks. Legendaries don’t feel legendary. Travel sucks. Crafting sucks. What this game had going for it was hype and decent graphics. Hype is gone and you don’t play graphics, you look at them. The game could have been good if it wasn’t run by mongoloids.

I think you’re missing the point of the OP.

The problem is that you have to spam 1-4, build an entire new set just to spam the next one, then next week you’ll probably have to build an entire new set just to spam the next one, so on and so forth all the way up until you have at least 4+ unique sets for level 10 mutations, all in a game that doesn’t have any sort of outfitting/set saving system.

It’s just poor game design.

Not only that but all these sets you’re assembling are only going to be useful for MAYBE one week out of the month, so they’ll be spending most of the time just sucking up inventory space.

It’s a poorly designed system and is way too tedious for the vast majority of players.

This would all be fine if there were other viable paths to endgame gear. But every other source of umbral shards would take months and months and months to gather enough to make it to one full set of 625 gear, which then forces players to pigeonhole themselves into a single build

You dont need a new set, what do you need a new set for? just upgrade the armor you have to recommended gearscore. If your completion of a dungeon depends on f.e 20% fire dmg absorption, youre not playing the game correctly.

Bosses are just as easy as before, and with a proper tank you hardly ever should take aggro, all you need to do is dodge all the crap on the floor fire circles laser beams etc and do DPS. People act like mutations are impossible. So far i would say they are pretty easy. maybe from 7+ it becomes way harder, but by that time your gear should be upgraded aswell.

If anything annoys me its the fact im wearing my full luck/voidbent set 24/7. I’d rather have the extra perks but the FOMO without luck is too much.

Quite the opposite of what most people complain about, lol.

PS. As far as i know apart from droprates, its not like M10 gives BIS items you cant get in lower tier mutations. So apart from the e-penis status, you dont have to do M9/M10.

Yes you can argue it gives more umbral shards but if a run takes you twice as long, the loss per minut isnt even that much and with more time passing by, you’re gonna need less and less shards since casts will also give you 200 each , because all your expertise will be 625 aswell.

Think in solutions not in problems.

Sadly this studio is filled to the rafters with complete amateur developers. Also sadly the collective of them has absolutely zero critical thinking ability. I think the only way this game will ever actually be ‘fixed’ is a complete wipe of the development team and some serious recruitment of actual professionals and critical thinkers. I mean there are so many busted ass design concepts it’s hard to imagine it can ever be fixed without a 100% tear down and rebuild from the ground up.

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IMO all of the issues go back to AGS trying to reinvent the wheel. They don’t want to use another party’s engine, don’t want to learn from other devs’ mistakes, so forth and so on. They’re not Epic and never will be. Nobody is paying for the privilege of using Lumberyard, which is what this is all about. AGS acts like they’re blazing new trails or some shit while software development everywhere is iterative. Kick the e-book guy to the curb and bring in someone who knows how to run a game studio.

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I really enjoy these mutation system with my friends. Its really fun. And also we got 1 mutation orb killing normal mode. But i expect more dungeons soon but with more mechanics. Mechanic mean like puzzle its must be hard. Hard i mean not 1 shot you it is you need to do some mechanics otherwise boss must be enrage then wipe party.

Every mmo they have same problems.

Ok let’s be charitable and say a good player could use voidbent and upgrade it to clear all the way through mutation 10.

If they can, then what’s the point of this whole system? Just a treadmill to put you back to where you were before this patch?

If they can, but they have to swap out gems for resistance every week, that’s poor design the way the game is set up. Players will not want to spend hundreds or thousands of gold a week to change gems for a single piece of content.

If they can’t, then they have to farm 4+ sets of unique resistance gear to to be able to reach 625 before the GS is raised again.

Keep in mind this is all just for the higher end of the playerbase.

For MOST people, AGS designed a single treadmill to endgame gear and put EVERYONE on it, with no alternative path to endgame

I would bet that MOST players won’t even get to try this content past the first few mutation levels, and in that case it will take them AGES to reach one full 625 set, which forces them to commit completely to a single build if they want to say, be competitive in PvP

inb4 “you don’t need 625 to be competitive”

Even if that’s true (it’s not because a 12% stat difference absolutely makes a difference when two evenly skilled players face off) players do not like feeling that they are at a disadvantage because they don’t have months of free time to grind timegated content, or they literally are unable to find a group of people to do the content with

It does not feel good to do something like PvP in suboptimal gear when you’re facing players who are likely to have it

All that said, you still have to grind faction missions, portals, motes, runestones to even be able to do these at all

It’s not difficult to see that this road AGS is going down is going to drive loads of players away

The thing is they aren’t solving anything. They are actually doubling and tripling down on the games problems and then creating more.

Mutations could have been great. I envisioned them like WoWs Mythic keys. They literally could have just copied the design and it would be great. Nope we need you to keep farming those key parts. You can only have one dungeon a week. Grind more HWM. Add more trophies and gear to your already encumbered sheds. No we will not give you a way to properly manage any of the 500 different gear sets you have. Oh here is a bone… you can now grind faction points all day to buy one key a week too! Here is some more junk loot to rain from the sky for you. What? You mean you didn’t want that intelligence sword with a bow perk on it?

‘‘Ok let’s be charitable and say a good player could use voidbent and upgrade it to clear all the way through mutation 10. If they can, then what’s the point of this whole system? Just a treadmill to put you back to where you were before this patch?’’

To find better loot? to progress/upgrade your character? The diff between gearscore 600 and 625 in pvp might not be much on paper but i can assure you for future pve content. its gonna be massive.

The point is, if they gonna add new and more difficult content, they need to up the requirements no? they cant release a dungeon and say ‘‘yes new endgame dungeon boys, way harder than genesis but same gearscore requirements.’’ those 2 dont fit together. then its just another lvl 60 dungeon which is on par with the other 2. You need a goal to work towards. Or why else would you keep playing and farm items if you can clear everything with the half ass gear you have right now?

I’m not saying they are doing everything right. But i think the most issue here is, people want everything and today. In the netherlands we have a saying ‘‘Voor een dubbeltje op de eerste rij zitten’’ Literally translated: ‘‘you wanna have the best seats for the lowest price’’ and this is in many ways the case. Same with the arguments ‘‘i work 40 hours a week i cant keep up’’ So? why do you need to keep up? Theres always gonna be people with more time, everyone plays at his own pace.

For me gaming is about having fun, aslong as im having that, i keep playing and else i just leave. :slight_smile:

Meh, i dunno man. With pvp OPR im always on the fence. I always feel if you only want to play 20% of a game, dont expect to get 100% of the rewards. but thats just my opinion.