Latest Patch utter disappointment (I can only hope there is another coming very soon)

I understand there are bigger issues than furniture trading at the moment, but not fixing elite chest or trading of furniture, no mention of Myrk / Reek / other HP fixes… this patch is just a giant disappointment to see.

Friends have been haemorrhaging from the game & this i think is going to be the straw for the camel.

The utter lack of information given to us is just… appalling.

If we don’t get some of these issues fixed within the next few days i don’t see a future here :frowning:


took me 3 seconds to find. It’s also a holiday week, devs deserve a break too.

Edit: obviously it doesn’t address everything, but fixes are trickling in


Took you 3 seconds to find the patch i just posted about finding? Congrats.

I’m talking about the empty space where they should be announcing a timescale / ANY info for the other major issues not just* affecting the ‘time jump’ afflicted servers


Couldn’t distinguish your post from all of the others about the earlier patch, so I apologize about that.

But my point still stands. Devs are human too and it’s pretty clear that they’ve been working hard to fix the biggest issues introduced in the November update. It takes time to do these things, and many people (not saying it’s you) somehow both like to champion devs when it comes to employer practices, then turn on devs as soon as their favorite game has some balance issues and demand that they work until their souls leave their bodies.

To all those people, if the game is not fun for you right now, then take a break until the devs get some breathing room to fix whatever issues you have with the game. Seriously. The game will be there when you come back.


My problem is not at all with the devs themselves as people, but AGS is not exactly short of a few £££… the game made BIG money from sales & would no doubt continue to make bank with skin sales etc.

How about putting some of that to work in hiring some PR, how much would it cost to put up a single web page with details on priorities, progress & expected timeframes.

Myself & others spent the entirety of the last week running chests & mining. Because there is bugger all else to do on our server at the moment. Pvp is dead due to population exodus, we are lucky to get a single OPR game a day let alone any world pvp…

Nobody runs elite zones anymore due to them accidently nerfing elite chests, we can’t commit to gathering & crafting professions properly due to the trophies STILL being locked (Why bother spending all your expensive resources on gear when you only have 3 minor engineer trophies atm but have the mats to make 3 majors in the bank).

The game is in total limbo for far too long now & i just want to vent my frustration. I shout at walls it makes me feel better


Trickling in…what is there only one coder? Why aren’t they addressing the things that they shut off? Harvesting the wolves and bears for example, how long is that going to be disabled? What about the furniture not being able to be put into storage? Might not matter to people who have houses, but for those that don’t its just taking up very needed bag space.
They need to actually start fixing stuff. With this “patch” it will be a total of 8 hrs down time for the day. 8 hours and they’ve barely done anything.


You can have a thousand programmers and stuff that takes X amount of hours will still take X amount of hours. Throwing more people or money at a problem doesn’t make it go faster, you just can do more things at the same time.

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It’s a holiday week, dev work is pretty much always slower than other weeks. While it’s understandable to be frustrated, a little bit of patience goes a long way. Take a break if the game is unplayable to you and let AGS announce fixes when they feel ready to release them. That would be a very effective way to let AGS know something is wrong because you can bet that they’re tracking player counts very closely, and is much more helpful than simply spewing hate at the devs without any constructive criticism like many of the forum members are.

They already acknowledge whenever they are working on a fix for a bug or are at least aware of it. It’s not easy to give a reasonable ETA for a bug fix let alone tell people exactly how close they are. There was a post earlier complaining about a 10 minute delay on a 3 hour patch, imagine if they announced a fix going in this week, then having to delay indefinitely.

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devs are absolutely clueless man its unreal


Well they tried to make the game tougher for the casuals and look at what happened. They deserve every bit of criticism. Not just elite chests but the large chests in weaver’s has been nerfed to hell… they basically said fuck you you’re not gettin any more free stuff so suck it…


A great example of useless feedback, folks. Maybe try talking about what you actually want fixed.


Constructive criticism != meaningless hate. Telling the devs that they’re useless like some other people have doesn’t help them do their jobs any better. If someone cares about the game, then they should post constructive criticism; if not, then why are they even here? Quit the game and leave a bad steam review. The forums are flooded with useless posts and that just makes it less likely for devs to see real issues.

P.s. I’m pretty sure they’ve already released a statement about chest nerfs being unintentional and that they’re working on a fix. Whether or not you believe that it was unintentional is up to you.


I can be your PR guy.

Okay, @Tranoldo, so for the issue you are describing, we have no fix yet, but our team is working hard on that issue and are confident most of them will be fixed with our December monthly patch. Thank you for your patience and understanding while our team works as hard as possible to adjust and improve the current issue with our loved game.

See you in New World.

The PR guys.

This is not true. I am on one of the lowest populated servers in existence and still we have watermarking groups daily in ELITE zones. Though some of the mob HP are egregious we do the best we can and still get some decent loots, seems more from mob drops now than chests but loot is loot!

I’m not going to sit here and waste my time talking about what is wrong with the game when it’s going to take me 30 hours to do so. Not like I would be the first one pointing out the reasons why these devs are clueless

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What is the purpose of being on the forums if you have nothing to contribute? Complaining w/out providing constructive criticism is a waste of everyone’s time, including yours, and a waste of bandwidth and electricity. It’s getting tiresome for people who actually want to use the forums to give real feedback and help improve the game.

Go write a negative steam review and be done with it, that’ll do more than complaining needlessly here. Affecting customer metrics will help convince leadership within AGS to prioritize fixing the game when they go over their buttload of metrics in their regular ops meetings.

bruh you need to go outside and get a life lmao

Ok I’m not going to say that the game is perfect and that aspects of the game have not
annoyed me, but at the end of the day I keep coming back and playing it all the while knowing its imperfections and the reason is that I enjoy the basic concept of the game, I have to say there are some things that players do that annoy me but I keep coming back, since opening The Devs work in a very stressful environment and it does not help to have people insulting them, if you tell someone you want help from they are useless then the last thing they will want to do is help you, so chill and let the dev do what they do best and players report any issues they have that needs to be looked in to, personally I applaud everyone at AGS for the job they do and the time and effort they put into it, we are a lot better than when we started and having to wait hours to get in to play Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:


NOT ONLY THAT! But now since they are giving us this empty bug ridden patch, they will make us wait until NEXT WEEK’S maintenance after the holidays to fix anything (If they even have a fix ready in time). It is truly shocking. I have never seen dev’s like this, ever. Lost for words

Just curious? What do the dev’s do best? LMAO