Latest ptr notes. Do devs even understand the game?

I mean reshifting 150 perks… trenchant recovery will heal for 41 percent of dmg dealt etc…

Do devs even play the game? Do you understand it?

Every 4 months massive changes that we need to grind and get new bis items…

Had divine embrace that noone uses , they make a change now noone uses lights embrace.

Ppl had bis heavy gear for healing now its useless.

Thas only healing gear… but buriser mage everything will change… and here we go again to grind all gear i guess… or ill just quit the game slowly… i think ive had enough

How can you make such changes so often… do i need to spend multiple gold caps again for new items i guess…



That’s wrong assumption. You don’t have to grind it. If you want to play you’ll always have to adjust. You have to deal with it. Or you can ignore “BIS gear” and be happy with something you like.


Slap in your fase dude, wats why you never ever supose to think like " i need this bis’ becose biss is changing, so its not devs problem.

Stick to single player games if you don’t like the meta changing.


If you read all of the notes, they are making gear much more accessible, shards, perks easier to roll. This is a huge improvement across the board for the whole process.

Not saying there’s nothing wrong with any of it, but re-gearing if many of these changes stay true will be a LOT easier.


Ya a BIS item should now only cost 400-500k instead of 1m.

You can rebuy one build for only 3,000,000 gold. Why are people so poor?

Is paying 3,000,000 gold for ONE SINGLE BUILD too much?

3,000,000 would take me over 300 hours to farm. Yeah, screw that noise. I’d rather play a feature rich Korean Grinder MMO. Than to spend 300 hours to farm of one build only for it to be destroyed like a month later. New World isn’t the only MMO on the block and it’s not even close to being one of the good ones.


Close the door when leaving please


And you buy it today for them to make it irrelevant tomorrow by changing the stats behavior.


play a new instrument there are 5 new ones to choose from


BiS will be subjective, and a LOT easier to get. Farm, or craft.

It takes far too long to gear BiS as it is, it’s too expensive. This is a benefit for everyone.

Everyone complains it’s too expensive, takes too long. This will make it a lot easier lol. I don’t know what else there is to say. You can’t have it both ways.

Many people want it to be easier, and have everything they have now remain the BiS. It’s natural to feel that way, but games progress and gear becomes less useful, this is how it has always been. Especially with a large patch around the corner.

This patch is THICC


This is just the first one! :revolving_hearts:


“We need more content, there’s nothing to do, i have everything done and have everything”

“AGS waves shiny new gear and perks, new dungeon”



Arcadia speaking facts


IDK. West is dead. We can only fill a server or two. Game won’t last the year if they don’t go F2P. Bad changes, or good, they screwed themselves already.


Bunch of them are actually good. No complain until it gets live

I dont understand how people defend AGS with making peoples gear uselss every other month.

I am all for changes, especially towards the meta and gear. But the BIGGEST issue here in New World is how the gearing process is the most frustrating gearing experience in any MMO I’ve played. You can be 2k+ hours and never have looted a single random BiS item. It all has to be bought for gold, and people do not have the time to farm 24/7 to afford a 500k+ item, so people buy gold. Which many of us refuses to do.

The whole gearing process has to be reworked, and meta changes like this can be made as frequently as they like. But you cant expect healers to just thrash their whole gear set every month and expect them to still play the game.

If the faction vendor just functioned as a proper PVP vendor, we wouldnt have these issues.


Yup who is stupid enough to craft/buy gear knowing the history of this game.

Don’t worry, the players constantly leaving are indeed shutting the door behind them.


I wouldn’t understand that either - damn good thing they haven’t done that, isn’t it?

Current BiS gear isn’t and won’t be useless. Min/maxers will scream about the change, others who haven’t been able to afford BiS gear and have “settled” for split stat gear will rejoice a bit.


The game had a 16k peak yesterday. The game has lost 2k to 5k players each month. The peak player population will likely be close to 10k by the fall. They should merge the servers as the populations decline to give them more time. Otherwise, people will quit sooner on “dead” servers.

But, yeah, if a F2P release in the fall doesn’t work, I don’t know what they could do. They could maybe have a subscription based release and have 1 or 2 servers per region paying $15/month. I don’t know if that would be enough money for them to keep going. It would be a couple million in revenue each year.

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