Launch a major MKT campaign after the March update! We really need it!

Dear developers, it seems to me that the time has come to fill the servers of our game world with new live players and return some of those who, for one reason or another, left this project and still have not returned. Now the situation in the game has stabilized: you have fixed a lot of problems, filled the game with content, stabilized the servers and much more. Thank you for that!

But now, after a lot of work and a terrible start last year, when the game has everything it needs to become a good MMO, it is terribly lacking in MKT to reach as many people as possible. We need a lot of online and offline promo materials. Gifts for new players, MKT on packages of chips, promotional codes hidden in popular products and etc. Now you really need good MKT team and huge MKT budget of course!

I am sure that if you activate marketing tools now, then after a while, the game will become popular again and the servers will begin to be filled with new people, bringing profit to you and pleasure from the game to us, ordinary players.

Best Regards,

Darianum from Midgard

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Marketing a faulty product is a double-edged sword. The last marketing stunt I saw from NW was them hiring a few known streamers to play the game. They were actively shitting on the combat (for good reasons) in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

I’d say they should wait for arenas, before they really attempt to put effort into marketing. When the map expansion happens…go all out with it.

I mean, Amazon owns Twitch. Would not take much for them to be able to advertise.

They only have one real chance left to convince players to come back…in large amounts.

This dungeon and weapon…isn’t enough. Will help to retain the current core players, but isn’t attractive enough to make up for the flop of a launch they had.

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Good streamers will play in the game without any money from Amazon if game will be popular again.

They need good MKT company in offline too, not only on Twitch and YouTube.

If PPL see that NW popular again - they will come to play, coz popular product - popular anywhere …

I think the main problem for now - ppl who left the project and do not play in NW, just don`t know about any news about that project, coz MKT company already over. MKT company before realese and now - two different worlds, and this is the problem. Before release everyone speaking about that project …

Imagine coming back though…in mass. With friends and so on. Just for someone to experience the various desync and stuttering. They wouldn’t come back anytime soon. 1 extra dungeon wont make up for the lack of end game content neither. That is another very common complaint…

I feel like they should wait a bit to make a big push again so that the game feels substantially improved when people actually come back and it creates a true “WOW!” - effect. Right now a ton of people would check the game out again only to find almost the same product as when they last played + the desync and stuttering.

April Free Weekend - good job :wink:

Please see my other post regarding this: Don’t shoot yourself into the foot again

I share @BRADLEY 's and @darkdayy 's opinion that New World is not ready for a marketing compaign that wants to attract new players. Group features like dungeon finder or quest sharing are still missing, quests still without much variety and now with Steam Free Weekend the new arrivals are even separated from the community and maybe even their friends due to dedicated free servers. Addintionally, the most fun PvE group content is gated behind a certain farming and crafting grind thanks to orbs and is not easily repeatable.

Apart from this I don’t even think that there is much interest among new players. Most mmo fans had New World on their radar and left the game somewhere between level 20 and 30. Player retention during the leveling process (so mainly PvE related) was a much bigger issue than player attention.

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