Launch Error - Product Information not found

Same thing is happening to me updated everything. Game doesnt launch open it says running but there is nothing popping up on my screen. even uninstalled then reinstalled changed all settings and nothing it extremely annoying

You’re Awnsome man!!! Thank you very mutch!

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I was playing for 4.5 hours at 28/9 morning and I really liked it , had to take a break for some irl stuff
i try to play the same night and this appeared
"unrecoverable error
no product information found,cannot initialize game.Please contact Customer Service for this product "
in those 4.5h of play time IPv6 was on but I tried them all : restarting my PC, turning IPv6 off,update windows, check firewall,restart modem/router,verify game files on steam ,deleting the appdata folders,reinstall the game … multiple time and in different order… the same error

I understand that your priority is the players who can not access the servers and wait long queues and maybe the 100 or 1000 who have a problem with the game come second but any info about our problems would be much appreciated

Sorry for my English

welcome to the club! been dealing with this since yesterday. tried all the suggestions and now have to wait until they fix it…

hi @HaiM , I have the same message as @jyllian
but even if i navigate via browser to the link it says the same thing:


The request could not be satisfied.

Request blocked. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.

Any ideas on how to solve this please ?
Thanks so much.

People are happy with your help. im wondering if you can help me too.

I posted this and i still cant launch the game: Game dont launch

I dont know what to do more

@qinbee I’d suggest to try (just for the sake of testing) to configure a different DNS, by navigating to your network connection → right click on your network → click ‘Properties’ → select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ → and click ‘Properties’
Tick the ‘Use the following DNS server address’ and type or and click OK and then try again.
Forbidden means that the end server received your request but denied it, which means you doesn’t necessarily having connection issue but most likely something on their end blocking you.

@guilhermaral not sure I fully understood your issue, you’re saying that after the game starts to initialize the menu it’s crashing with any error? If I remember correctly the screen that you’re getting is the step after the connectivity issue that people experiencing here, could you please check the C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\Game.log file to see if any additional information is included there? based on the log that you shared it seems that your application just starts the ‘Game crash loader’ to upload the error, but no error included there.
Try to see if you’re able to find any further details in the log, and share with us so we may see something that could lead us to understand the problem.

Sorry if I’m unable to fully help you guys, I’m just like you trying to understand the problem and counter it with a more logical way rather than just disabling or changing Windows components.
I’m not related to the dev team nor game support.

hey, thanks so much for your answer. Unfortunately just tried that too and it didn’t work :frowning:

Do you have anyway to change your IP address, like using VPN or something that would help you to try and check if for some reason or anyhow your current IP address is blocked?
Does restarting your router will change your IP address?

It works via VPN! i installed a random VPN to check since you said it’s a connection issue…and now it opens.
Thanks a lot.

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Be careful when using VPN while using Steam, as much as I know, VPN is against Steam TOS, so make sure it’s safe and if you’re about to buy or perform any further action with Steam make sure you’re not connected via VPN.

The best solution would be changing your own IP from ISP, many times restarting your router would allow you to get a new IP address from your ISP. so that would be a better solution.

ty for the help @HaiM

I found this in my logs: <2021-10-01 11:55:21.131>: [Info]: SBufferPoolImpl::Allocate: could not allocate buffer of size 16800

it repeats with diferent numbers in the end

this appear too:

Based on the screenshot that you sent it looks like a normal behavior, I checked my log and got the same lines (and my game works).

The only thing that indicates for a problem is the line that you wrote for “could not allocate buffer of size X”.
Can you make sure that you have enough memory available, although it seems that the game tries to allocate buffer, your memory fails to provide such size of buffer.
I have no specific idea of what could be the reason, but I would try to check the memory usage.

i have 366GB free from 465GB total space

im watching all my reports. after launch, the game is telling that i have 13TB of virtual memory

I meant for memory, not disk space, how much ram do you have?
Also, try to open ‘Task Manager’ click on the ‘Performance’ tab and select ‘Memory’, on the right side how much is in use and how much available memory do you see there?

oh my bad, poor english.
it shows 15,9gb total and im using 4gb in iddle, so i have around 12gb available

It should be more than enough to run the game, very weird.
Did you try to verify integrity of the game?

only today i did that 2 times (with pc restart between each run)

right now im installing the game again, but this time im doing it with a downoal cap (10mb/s), i realy dont know what is happening with my game

it’s not just you buddy. plenty of people are having inexplicable issues (like myself). i played for 40 minutes and have been blocked out since.
we just have to wait for the game devs to squish all these bugs.
problem is – the servers and queue times are affecting more people so we may need to wait a while