Launch queues could have been avoided so easily

What i dont understand is if they know server population is hard capped at 2000 for technical / balance / whatever reason why not make its so only like 3000 or so characters can be made on that server before no one else can create a chracter there. That gives it 50% redundancy for night / off peak players as eventually not all players will be trying to get on at the same time. This then means queues would never exceed 1000.

Hell for the launch window they could just have made it so only 2000 characters can be created on an server before locking it from accepting new characters meaning no queues, then allowing for more to be created there at a later date once the initial lanch rush had died down.

it would the only be a case of adding more servers to meet the demand, they already have “world sets” so any servers which population plummeted after the first week or two can be merged.

in the end everyone gets to play at launch and queues dont exist.

is what im talking about so far fetched?

Exactly what i was thinking. This entire fiasco could have been avoided if they just capped character creation on servers. Now they let people create characters on full servers and because of that we have this mess.

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