Laz bug candy talk to cilla work around

Laz is bugging out we were all cleansed but cilla wouldn’t activate once we fixed it or mdps was immortal and could not do damage. It killed our run time and deaths (we had to die to trigger.

How we triggered
I read a work around for the bridge not spawning several weeks ago and tried it.


  1. One player die (jump in water) don’t respawn yet
  2. Rest of group leave dungeon
  3. Dead player respawn
  4. Rest of team enter back again
  5. Everyone cleanse again.
    Cill should trigger

Now for our immortal no damage friend. That was only fixed with a relog.

Not sure if this will help the issue with the rune stones not triggering haven’t run into that one.

This work around will ruin your time and death count. But you will complete the rest of the dungeon

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