Laz Chardis Boss Similar to BL3 Gravewarden?

Anyone else see a striking similiarity between borderlands 3 Gravewarden boss and the Laz Chardis boss? Same moves, same style of fight and same weaknesses. Stole the idea straight from the game.

Dunno man, you can’t reinvent a wheel. This type of boss is pretty standard in many games.

They copy/pasted the entire game. They have zero passion for the game they made. Of course they copied other games.

Strange that those companies who made “original” games don’t sue AGS. You should warn them !

For me, it made me remember Belial boss from Diablo III

So Borderlands 3 copied Belial boss from D3 and AGS copied it from Borderlands 3. I wonder whose copy is Belial …

Kitava from Poe, this type of boss is common, i dont see any problem here

Reminds me of the Precursor Robot in the path to Haven City from Jak 3, which itself calls out Jak and Daxter 1’s final boss fight.

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