Lazarus bow missing dexterity points

is likely intended as it has perks that arent suppose to be allowed together.
dont give them any idea or the lazarus bow would get nerf.

Wrong man. Other items have same perks at 600 gs. It is a error in coding where the Lazarus bow is acting as a pierce of armor gear rather than a weapon. It’s easy to see this from weight of it. Others have also actually already pulled the code behind it too to prove it

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Same here.

AGAIN 21 days there and no one come WTF

A community manager said they’d forward it in another post:

Featherweight ring too!

That was just a customer service agent responding, not a dev or manager, due to the post being in the support section of the forums. Don’t figure that is going to go anywhere.

They private messaged me and the other guys as they stated. They have forwarded it to the developers and take our in-game data👍

fw ring is fine it gives 25 dext… just like it is suppose too.

Awesome. Thanks for the update.

Just got mine today, and was a lil disheartened to see its +25dex, hope they attend to all weapons fixes to ensure they are reflecting the correct stats!




This is now fixed in PTR. We just need to wait for it to go live.

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